Bath & Body Works Just Dropped Its Holiday Candles — Here Are The Best Ones

By now the last bit of flame is spluttering into the wax of your plethora of pumpkin spice candles, and you are likely standing at a crossroads, wondering what seasonally-appropriate smell you want to consume your whole apartment next. Fortunately, Bath & Body Works just dropped its holiday candles for 2018, and as always, you have a vast array of smells to choose from — not to mention, a ton of cute new candle designs. Time to make your bedroom smell like a Christmas tree farm and a gingerbread cookie had a baby that spits glitter, y'all.

Because truly, there is a holiday scent for every type of reveler this year — whether you want to sniff something outdoorsy or something dessert-y or some possibly questionable combination of the two. I'm talking pine and peppermint, snickerdoodles and snow, champagne and cherries — if you can dream it, this year, you can smell it. And with three-wick candles that burn for up to 45 hours apiece, you can fully maximize that smell all through the holiday season.

That is, if you ever manage to wrap your head around all the options. Bath & Body Works claims on its website to have more candle scents than any other retailer, and evidently, the company is not messing around. If you can manage to decide which of these most represents your holiday vibe, then props — I'll probably still be having an existential crisis sniffing my way through every one of them at the Bath & Body Works down the street from the Bustle office when you're done.

Fresh Balsam

Now your apartment can smell like you live inside of a Christmas tree!

Vanilla Bean Noel

The fact that the description basically says "vanilla, and then some MORE vanilla" is truly speaking to me.

Winter Candy Apple

For fans of fruitier scents, this one more than covers your festive bases.

Twisted Peppermint

Someone turned peppermint bark into a candle. Hold me.

'Tis The Season

Since this candle's scent was given a tiding as its title rather than what it actually smells like, I'm declaring it a Mood.

Frosted Cranberry

Well, now we all have to buy this to figure out what Tonka Bean smells like.

Frosted Coconut Snowball

Further proof that anything can be improved by adding coconut to it.

Spiced Gingerbread Swirl

A perfect way to set the mood while you're making gingerbread houses (or, y'know, just eating the panels straight out of the oven).

Sugared Snickerdoodle

This speaks to me on such a primal level that I may have just blacked out and found myself in the refrigerated aisle of the nearest grocery store holding snickerdoodle dough.

Sparkling Icicles

When something smells like sparkles, you know it's going to be worth it.

Champagne Toast

Be still my millennial pink-loving heart!

Cinnamon Caramel Swirl

Head's up: this is probably the closest you can get to living inside of a Cinnabon.

Sweater Weather

Truly one of the most iconic winter scents if there ever were one.

This is just the tip of the iceberg on candle scents you can get for the holidays at Bath & Body Works this year — the dessert scent lineup alone is enough to put a Girl Scout out of business. Check the full lineup of what the company has released so far here.