Bath & Body Works Just Brought Back Its Classic Gingham Fragrance With The Cutest Packaging

Bath & Body Works

If you're someone like me who loves finding a new signature scent as the seasons change, then Bath & Body Works' Gingham fragrance, the latest line from the retailer, may be just what you're looking for. With the original Gingham scent first launching in the '90s, long-time B&BW fans are likely amped to find out the nostalgic perfume is finally making a comeback — and, believe me, it was definitely worth the wait.

Bath & Body Works perfumer Honorine Blanc describes the new fragrance as "fresh, natural, and vibrant" due to the combination of fruits and florals used to create the scent. When I first tested it out, I definitely agreed, and thought it smelled exquisite. I was a fan of the sweet, citrus notes, along with the hints of floral Blanc had mentioned. But as someone who can be sensitive to heavy perfumes, what I loved most about the scent was that it wasn't overpowering or irritating; it was just the right amount of fragrance.

In typical Bath & Body Works style, the line features everything from body lotions, to scrubs, shower gels, and, of course, candles; all of which are beautifully adorned with the retailer's trademark blue and white gingham pattern. But while the fragrance itself smells divine, the best part about the new launch may just be that out of a total of 16 scented products, the vast majority are affordably priced at under $25. However, for those who are open to doing a little splurging, Bath & Body Works also offers an eau de parfum version of the scent for $39.50. But whether you're looking to spend some extra cash or save, this new line also makes a great gift option, since the retailer offers a box set, and many of stand-alone products are a part of the brand's Mix & Match deals.

While there are so many products to choose from, my favorite product from the line is hands down the Ultra Shea Body Cream. I found that it from the moment I put it on until the end of the day, this lotion really kept my skin moisturized from head-to-toe — even during the up-and-down spring time weather. Plus, I also love that it provides a more subtle version of the Gingham scent, which I find to be perfect for everyday wear.

As for those who can't get enough of the gingham print, the retailer also offers two scent-free patterned accessories as well: the PocketBac Holder for hand sanitizers, along with the Gingham Ribbon Mesh Shower Sponge.

The Gingham line only launched on April 15, but it seems as though many Bath & Body Works' fans have already fallen in love with everything about the retailer's latest scent, with hundreds taking to social media to spread the word. "I hope this new fragrance is here to stay," one person commented on the brand's Instagram page. "I loved the original Gingham in the 90s and now this fresh, new Gingham. It reminds me of what I [love] about Bath and Body Works."

Another added: "OMG this is the best scent ever it’s clean and fresh like you just stepped out of the shower and put on clothes-lined clothes. It is definitely a summer time collection."

Some are even making it clear that they're so fond of the new fragrance, that they're ready for the Gingham line to expand. "Could you make some for the car fresheners?" a customer asked.

But considering just how lovely this new line smells, who can blame them? After all, "Gingham brings you to a place of happiness and feeling good," Blanc says.