These Bandanas Will Add A Healthy Dose Of Feminism To Your Fave Outfit

by Kali Borovic

Trends are often not just created out of thin air. There's inspiration, influence, and some sort of magical moment combining the two with a modern look. This hankie does all of that and so much more. Jenni Earle's bandanas each come with a different message of encouragement on them, but this is a lot more than just a trend. The accessory was inspired by Earle's grandfather, who always had one with him at all times.

A bandana is nothing new to the fashion world. According to Handkerchief Heroes, the accessory dates back as far as 1000 B.C. in China. Since then, men have whipped them out to dry women's tears, clean grease off their hands, and they have even been tied around women's purse handles.

Earle's bandanas were inspired by her grandfather, who always had one on him at all times. According to the website, she would steal them from him when he wasn't looking.

"I started making these bandanas because I wanted to create something that made me feel as brave as I feel when I am with my grandpa. He always had a bandana in his back pocket and it became a talisman of bravery for me," say Jenni Hopkins, founder of Jenni Earle. "I wash them several times before I hand-dye them so they feel broken-in and vintage, just like his. I want to share this talisman with anyone who needs a reminder that you are already so brave and strong."

Each square design comes with an inspirational quote written on it in dainty writing. Sayings include "be brave," "chin up, buttercup," and "I won't back down." Although you have to look closely to see each one, the inspiration is bigger than any 20-inch design.

These might have been inspired by her grandfather, but there is nothing old-school about it. Each design features dainty writing, quirky little cartoons like a hand with fingers crossed and cacti, and colors that are super modern. The colors — mauve, olive green, and dusty pink — leave a vintage feel that's made for modern dressing.

You're able to read the inspiration behind every single quote on the website as well. Earle writes a personal bio for every single bandana. The

"The message of “be brave” is one that is constantly on my mind as I navigate my day. A hundred little things come up that make me second guess myself, I choose over and over to be brave and keep listening most closely to the sound of my own voice," it says on the website.

"The creation of this talisman was to turn this feeling into something we can touch and hold to remind us all to listen close, pay attention to the pulls of your heart and soul. then too, please, be brave."

Each bandana is hand made in North and South Carolina. The entire process from cutting and sewing to screen printing and dying is all done by hand. That means that every single style is a teeny bit different than the rest. On top of that, every design is hand-drawn as well. This is slow fashion in the best way.

The process of washing the goods a few times before hand-dyeing leaves the finished bandanas looking all just a little bit different, making them truly one of a kind and oh so soft," the brand says on the website.

You can shop all of the bandanas on the Jenni Earle website right now. They range from 18 to 20 inches and cost $28 to $34. You can also get a leather slide to go with it for $22. Some of the designs are charitable as well. Like the "Speak Up" bandana, which donates 25 percent to the Time's Up Legal Defense Fund.

This is not just your average accessory. It's a daily reminder to always carry with you the message of hope and encouragement. If you can't find the strength to do it that way, Earle is here to help you out.