7 Beauty Declutter Videos That Prove Your Stash Really Isn't So Bad After All

You may think that your makeup collection is out of control. It very well could be, but if you're looking for a way to feel better about your beauty addiction, the internet has your answer. Beauty declutter videos are taking over YouTube, and not only are they oddly relaxing to watch, but thanks to these gurus and their stashes, you'll never feel guilt about your collection again.

What exactly is a beauty declutter video? Basically, it's like spring cleaning for your makeup. From throwing out old and expired products to donating ones you just aren't loving to friends and family, it's getting rid of old to make way for something new. Let's be honest, while your dragon's hoard of lipstick may be daunting and just a tad bit excessive, you love it and will definitely be grabbing more. This simply frees up space.

Beauty gurus have started to make a whole series on the idea of decluttering and organizing their makeup. From purging highlighters to choosing only their favorite foundations, they're making some serious cuts to their collection, and while they obviously get their fair share of products for free, it's nice to see where all of it goes, what they truly love and want to keep, and just how to make these decisions. Who knows? Maybe it'll help you clean out that one drawer full of products that you've been avoiding for a year.

Major names in the YouTube beauty community have already started doing the videos. Gurus like Tati Westbrook and Laura Lee have done the videos, and even those who haven't, like Jaclyn Hill, are asking their subscribers if they'd like to see them. While these collections are far and beyond what a typical person would own (this is their job after all), seeing what they love enough to keep is basically like one major favorites video.

Who's declutter videos should you check out? There are tons to choose from.

1. Tati Westbrook

Westbrook's video comes in the form of her cleaning out her beauty room. Not only do you get an inside look at her office and filming space but also her collection. Westbrook's video develops into series where she narrows down her favorite concealers, lipsticks, and other products in a massive declutter series.

2. Laura Lee

In Laura Lee's video, she goes through every part of her makeup collection in what is one of the most impressive declutters. From ridding herself of over 30 highlighters to 21 primers, her collection will make you feel so much better about your beauty collection.

3. Samantha Jane

Like Westbrook, Samantha Jane turned her declutter video into an entire series. She goes through everything from blushes to powders to eyeliners, and she's got some serious skills when it comes to narrowing down what she wants to keep.

4. ShaaanXO

If you're looking for a declutter video that focuses on complexion products, Shaaanxo's latest series is perfect for you. She tackles all of her foundations, and honestly, it's an impressive collection.

5. Casey Holmes

Since her last decluttering video, Casey Holmes had actually added even more drawers to her collection If there's anything that says, "I need to organize my makeup," it's having to add all new drawers.

6. Raw Beauty Kristi

RawBeautyKristi admits that getting rid of her PR is hard, but in this video, she lets go of tons of her beauty products with help from friend and fellow YouTuber Samantha Ravndahl.

7. RachhLoves

RachhLoves turns her declutter into a series as well, and it's a great look into how some YouTubers choose to organize their filming spaces and impressive makeup collections.

If you're feeling down about just how much makeup you've been hoarding, check out these seven makeup declutter videos and ease your troubled mind.