This Makeup Travel Case Has Pop-Up Brush Holders To Help Organize Your Beauty Supplies

Beauty & The Box

Putting on makeup while traveling can be a chore. Not only do you have to whittle down your choices to a select few staples, but rooting around your messy makeup bag for each item is a trial in itself. That's why Beauty & the Box's Traveler makeup case is a game changer. It has pop-up cosmetic boxes that lets you organize all of your items into organized compartments, which you then can leave on the hotel sink for the rest of your trip.

The beauty case is comprised of a go-anywhere tray base with handles that won't let your makeup wobble or fall over. The tray houses three pop-up cosmetic boxes that travel flat for convenience and pop up when you need to use them. Each box is stair-stepped to hold brushes, pencils, and lipsticks. These different sizes ensure your lipsticks won't get lost in a too-tall container, and your pencils, mascaras, and brushes won't fall out off too-squat boxes.

Barbara Brock, Beauty & The Box's founder, created The Traveler beauty case as a personal beauty counter for those who are on the go. Brock's "aha" moment for the idea happened when she arrived at her hotel and became frustrated with her makeup setup.

She had a lot of pouches with her, but she couldn't find any portable containers to separate her beauty categories. Instead she used the cups and glasses left in the bathroom to hold up her brushes and lip glosses. That's when inspiration hit Brock.

"I’m not alone in that women get tired of sorting through their bag over and over again to find the tool or makeup needed. I’ve tried every bag, over the door pouch, and case imagined — large and small in order to be organized. Nothing worked. I wanted a makeup organizer like I had at home. So I created one," Brock shares with Bustle.

Beauty & The Box

Brock also thought to make the containers different sizes because she felt that was the only way to be truly organized. "Seventy percent of our makeup tools are vertical — mascara, eye pencil, all the brushes, even lipstick," Brock shares. "Not only are they vertical, but they are different heights. So when you think of 70% of our cosmetic items are vertical, that means not a lot of space needs to be flat or horizontal. That’s the reason the individual organizers are stair stepped."

This pop-up case is like a traveling vanity for folks who are constantly in hotels. "Being organized is calming. Knowing that you can find something and don’t have to waste time hunting is efficient," Brock says.

Beauty & The Box

As of right now, there are two The Traveler cases you can pick from: The Traveler Deluxe and The Traveler Lite.

The Traveler Deluxe comes with the lift-out tray, three pop-up cosmetic boxes, as well as a stand-alone foldable mirror. It also comes with a see-through cosmetic pouch and a black soft mesh case where you can store the tray.

The Traveler Lite is coming soon, and it includes the lift-out tray, three pop-up cosmetic boxes, and a slim, space-saving neoprene case.

If you're ready for a whole new level of organization while on vacation this summer, look no further than Beauty & The Box.