Beautyblender Is FINALLY Launching A Line Of Makeup Brushes

Beautyblender is a name and product that makeup geeks are familiar with. The brand has updated millions of makeup applications with its iconic makeup sponge. However, the popular beauty tool will have to take a backseat to Beautyblender’s The Detailers Collection that’s set to launch a series of actual brushes. Yes, brushes, queen!

As shell-shocking as it might seem for one of makeup’s biggest sponge-making brands to shift to brushes, these dubbed “Detailers” are way different from your run of the mill synthetic brush collections. According to Allure, the line features five brushes — three of which that are dual-ended for skin care purposes. On one end of three of the brushes included are various sizes of a cooling face roller (which is actually soothing AF after moisturizing) to relax and prepare the skin under your eyes, temples and cheeks for makeup. The line is legit a win-win situation.

The collection encompasses a powder brush, a shadow brush, a crease brush, an eyeliner brush, and a dual-ended eyebrow and spoolie brush that are all vegan-made and cruelty-free. According to a Beautyblender brand representative, the entire collection will be available exclusively on starting today. Prices for The Detailers will range between $22 and $60.

Here’s what’s to come in this detailed collection.

High Roller Brush

Anyone going in on their eyeshadow routine will find lots of use in Beautyblender's High Roller brush. Made to blend and buff out the crease for a defined eye on one end, it's cooling properties in the rollerball will prep the skin on the other end. This must-have makeup brush will retail for $33.

Big Boss Brush

The most expensive brush in the collection is the aptly-named Big Boss brush, which retails for (you guessed it) $60. The soft thick bristles allow for a smooth powder application while the roller ball provides an all over facial sensation.

Shady Lady Brush

The Shady Lady brush is what makeup users need to pack on a heap of pigment whether shimmer, glitter, or matte. In addition to making pigments pop, the Shady Lady also features a smaller roller ball on the other end of the brush, all for $30.

The Player

The only dual-ended brush in this collection without a cooling roller ball is this brow defining brush named The Player. Anyone looking for natural-looking eyebrows will gag over this game-changer that features a sharp angled brush to apply products like pomades and cream brow products and a two-sided spoolie with two different combs to brush product into the brows. This neat pick will retail for $28.

The Wing Man

There's only one brush in the entire 5-piece collection without a dual-end, and that's the Wing Man brush. Shaped like a fan, the Wing Man brush maintains this rounded designs to ensure every cat-eye attempt comes out as a fierce success. The days of smudging are done with this $22 brush.

Beautyblender began its trailblazing brand with makeup application products, and clearly the brand is bringing its roots back into the makeup game. If The Deatailers can transform faces the way a Beautyblender sponge does, makeup lovers are going to scream over this July drop.