Attention 'Bachelor' Nation, Becca Is Ready To Retire Her 'Bachelorette' Catchphrase

Becca Kufrin continues to prove why she's one of the most relatable Bachelor Nation contestants ever. According to E! News, even Becca is over her Bachelorette catchphrase, just like a lot of fans out there. So, maybe it really is time "do the damn thing" and retire the catchphrase already.

The Bachelorette told E! News that she's not feeling the phrase anymore. She also revealed that she didn't even set out to make it a "thing" in the first place. "Honestly I think I need to retire that tagline," she said, "It came out of my mouth last year and I wasn't even expecting to say that, it just kind of popped out and I was like, did I really just say that?" As you might remember, when Becca came out of the limo on The Bachelor, she first said the phrase when she jokingly proposed to the titular suitor, Arie Luyendyk Jr.

She continued to say, "I'm ready to put it to bed though. I need a new tagline I guess." Hear that, Bachelor Nation? Becca's pretty much done with, "Let's do the damn thing," just like you. In all honesty, the catchphrase was kind of fun, at first. But, after a while, some fans were decidedly not into it, and said so on Twitter. Many said that while they did like Becca as the Bachelorette, they weren't as taken with her catchphrase, which has been a big part of the show's promos.

As previously mentioned, this whole catchphrase business got off to a start during Becca's time on The Bachelor. During the premiere of the season, she did something that was a little unexpected. When she first met Arie, she jokingly decided to speed up the Bachelor process by making him go down on one knee to "propose." She then had him ask her if she was "ready to do the damn thing." And thus, a catchphrase was born.

Of course, the phrase went into overdrive during the season's After the Final Rose special, when Becca was first announced as the Bachelorette. Her use of the slogan made a whole lot of sense, as she was more than ready to get started on her own journey after experiencing heartbreak with Arie. Her journey got off to an early start on the special, as she met some of the contestants early. But, Becca was totally game for it as she said, "Let's just do the damn thing!"

The reality star expressed a similar sentiment on Instagram, shortly after the Bachelorette announcement. She related to her fans that she was so grateful for all of their support and that she was definitely ready to find love on the ABC staple.

Becca's catchphrase has also become a pretty big part of all of the Bachelorette promos. In the first photo promoting the season, she posed in a stunning gown with the words of her now famous statement covering the front of it.

Her phrase was also a major part of the first video highlighting Becca's Bachelorette turn. In addition to saying that she was ready to start her journey, she also ripped apart a heart that showed Arie proposing to Becca (he later broke up with her on camera, as Entertainment Tonight noted). The promo proved that she really is down to move on and find love.

While "Let's do the damn thing" has been a major part of Becca's Bachelor Nation journey so far, it still doesn't seem like fans are into it (and apparently, she isn't feeling it either).

Even though Becca and her fans are over the catchphrase, there's no denying that all of Bachelor Nation really is excited to see her "do the damn thing" during her season of The Bachelorette.