Bekah M. Revealed There Was Already Major Drama Around Her Potential Hometown

Everyone knows that the hometown dates on The Bachelor showcase some truly dramatic moments. While Season 22's dates weren't too exciting (big surprise), one certainly could have been if Arie Luyendyk Jr. had a different woman in his final four. Bekah M. discussed what her Bachelor hometown date would have been on Twitter, and it's safe to say that at least one member of her family wouldn't have been down to appear on the show. (It also sounds like she would have had some... interesting choices for their date activity.)

Bekah narrowly missed out on taking Arie home to meet her family, as she was eliminated from the competition in the Feb. 12 episode one week before hometowns. But, if she had gotten to that point in the competition, it might not have been entirely smooth sailing. The contestant said on Twitter that he father "flat-out refused" to appear on her potential hometown date. She said, "when producers called ahead of time to ask my family about hometown preparations if I made it, Dad flat-out refused to be there." Yikes. Maybe it's a good thing Bekah didn't make it to hometowns. At least then she didn't have to deal with this potential awkwardness.

Bekah went on to say that her dad was "Pulling a @TheRachLindsay Dad move. #Savage" a reference to when former Bachelor contestant and Bachelorette lead Rachel Lindsay's father didn't appear on the show for her stints on The Bachelor (producer: Lindsay Liles) or The Bachelorette (associate producer: Megan Kropf). Although, it should be noted that her father did not appear on the ABC shows because of his work obligations as a federal judge. Still, Bekah was right in saying that it would have been a total Rachel move if her father didn't show up on her hometown date at all.

During her time on The Bachelor, the contestant didn't seem to be too worried about any potential drama stemming from her family's reaction to Arie. In fact on the Feb. 12 episode, Bekah told the Bachelor that she didn't think that her family would have a problem with him or their major age difference. But, apparently her father thought otherwise about actually appearing on the show himself.

In a couple of other tweets, Bekah hilarious related what her and Arie may have done during their hometown date. Turns out, she didn't have a plan for her ex-Bachelor beau. She did offer up some ideas that would probably be a little too outside the box for the ABC staple.

She also revealed that her dad also wasn't into watching the other contestants' hometown dates. In reference to how a couple of the contestants' fathers jokingly threatened Arie, he said that he expected "MULTIPLE attempts on Ardy's life." Like Tia's father, Bekah's dad couldn't seem to get the Bachelor's name quite right. Ardy, er, Arie probably won't mind the name mix-up, but he should avert his eyes for the rest of her father's quip.

As previously stated, Bekah was sent home right before hometown dates. Up until that moment, it looked like she and Arie had a strong connection, despite their age difference. Alas, Arie shocked viewers, and Bekah herself, when he sent her home. The contestant discussed her relationship with Arie in an interview with Entertainment Tonight and shared a very mature sentiment about their breakup. She told the publication, at the Women Tell All taping, "It's really obvious to me watching the season that he opened up to me in a way to me that he didn't with other people and we had a dynamic that was so much more exciting..."

In the end, she also said, "It's better for both of us. I don't think we would necessarily be compatible." At least she can look back on that heartbreak and realize that things worked out for the best. And based on what her father's strong reaction to her potential hometown date would be, it looks like things really did work out for the best when she was eliminated from the competition.