Bella Thorne Just Shared A Powerful Selfie


If you've had acne — whether in your adult stages or back in high school — then you'll know the toll it can take on you, your self-esteem, and your confidence. That's why Bella Thorne's acne photo on Instagram is so powerful — she shows people everywhere that it shouldn't be some secret shame that chips away at you.

When a major zit pops up on your chin, it can feel borderline mortifying, and when you battle with something like cystic acne the struggle can really make you feel defeated and unseen. But according to Thorne, one should forget that knee jerk reaction and understand they feel that way because of the media and their unrealistic beauty standards.

In her candid photo, Thorne appears buckled up in her car, taking a quick selfie with hastily swept up hair and a cozy sweater. In it, she has a dash of acne going down her chin, but she seems undisturbed by its appearance or a need to filter it out.

"Real skin alert 🚨 it's no secret I struggle w acne. Sometimes it's clear and sometimes it's just not. I'm very self conscious and constantly feeling bad about myself," Thorne admitted in the Instagram caption. Even though she's a well known celebrity, it's comforting to hear that she understands the struggle when it comes to self image. But she quickly turns the mood around from one of regret to one of empowerment.

"BUT I shouldn't feel bad. It is normal to have acne. EVERY1 does! It's only our society and social media outlets like this one that tells us we have to have 'perfect skin' to be considered socially acceptable. I'm here to tell you rn FUCK THAT. I'm going to show my skin for what is it and own it. No matter what any1 says."

This isn't the first time Thorne has spoken about her acne. In a previous interview with Us Magazine, she explained how both her and her older sister fight with acne, but they take it in stride and embrace their skin rather than tear themselves down over it. "We both struggle with acne, but now, every time we get something on our face, we just to each other, 'That's beautiful. I love my scars. I love my skin.' You have to change your mindset," she explained.

While not many people might be ready to rejoice when they see a bump on their chin, Thorne reminds us of an important message: Don't compare yourself to a set of standards that are impossible and imaginary. Instead, embrace and love yourself for who you are, and move past the idea of "imperfections." You're beautiful no matter what.