Benoit Wouldn't Let Jenna Break Up With Him On 'BiP'& It Was Pretty Frustrating To Watch

Paul Hebert/ABC

As much fun as it might — and that's a hard might— to watch the Benoit/Jenna/Jordan love triangle play out on Bachelor in Paradise, it's finally over — even though Benoit definitely wasn't pleased about the way it ended. On Tuesday night's episode, Benoit and Jenna broke up on BiP, and seeing it happen is actually pretty relatable for anyone who's been through a breakup in real life, even though the circumstances under which relationships happen in this kind of environment are anything but typical.

Like we saw on Monday night's episode, although Jenna was originally torn between Benoit and Jordan, she realized that she saw more of a future with Jordan, so she made the call to end things with Benoit before they went any further. Obviously, he wasn't thrilled about it then, but when they had another chance to talk on Tuesday night, Benoit really let her know how he was feeling. Apparently, he was pissed that Jenna ended things because he personally wasn't ready for them to be over and he didn't want her to make a decision for him. Alas, that's not really the way breakups work. In fact, most of the time, both parties don't agree on the breakup. It sucks, but it's a fact of life.

It all started when Jenna was at the bar, at which point Benoit approached her, clearly heated about their breakup. Jenna told him that she felt like their split was in both of their best interests, which is technically true — does Benoit really want to be with a woman who's more into someone else? Nobody deserves that, and Jenna was trying to explain that's part of the reason she cut him loose. But Benoit wasn't having it, and he let her know. He said:

"How can you know what's best for me? That doesn't make sense at all. I don't get this. And you make it like really complicated. . . you took the decision to go with that guy. Do not say it was for me."

And no matter how Jenna tried to defend herself, Benoit was set on feeling like if it hadn't been for Jordan, his relationship with Jenna would have been fun and uncomplicated. Um, is any relationship fun and uncomplicated all the time?

This confrontation is just another example of how the guys really seem to be struggling with the idea of what paradise is and how the show works this season. Being that filming lasts for a matter of weeks, people on the show have to figure out if they feel a connection with someone pretty quickly — and it also involves a fair bit of dating around and making hard decisions about who to end things with and who to pursue a real relationship with.

Benoit eventually was sent home at the rose ceremony, after Chelsea felt that he wasn't sincere with his feelings. And he didn't even say goodbye before he left, but complained in the car that he kept getting dumped. Still, totally missing the point of showing someone you care and creating a deeper connection than a churro kiss. Oh, Benoit, better luck next time.