These 7 Denim Jackets Will See You Through The Warm Weather In Style


Just like the biker jacket, denim jackets have long been a staple in the fashion industry. Both styles also started life in a very different realm. But now, they can be found in the wardrobe of almost every person on the planet. Suitable for any season and any occasion, 2019 has seen a bunch of new styles come onto the scene. So if you're looking for the best denim jackets for spring and summer, step right this way.

As Glamour reports, the first denim jacket is believed to have been created around 1880 by Levi Strauss. (Yes, the same guy who founded one of the most famous denim brands in history.) It was intended for manual workers who needed a little extra room. However, its symbolism changed rather dramatically in the years following.

"By the '50s, wearing denim was often associated with juvenile delinquency," Levi Strauss & Co. historian Tracey Panek explained to Glamour. "Jeans were even banned in some schools, and denim became the nonconformists' uniform of choice."

The following designs don't have quite the same delinquent feel, but they do have oomphs of style. There's casual pieces, dressier options, and ones that can even be worn alone. So pick a print, a length, and a silhouette. And remember: you don't always have to go blue.


Oh, and if you're worrying about shopping sustainably, a denim jacket is incredibly hard-wearing and probably something you will cherish for life. What I'm trying to say is there'll be no chucking it in the bin after just a few wears.