5 Accessories To Help You Do Hollywood-Style Hair Embellishments On A Budget

by Lollie King
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The festive season is finally here, which means for the next two months we can look forward to mulled wine, Christmas markets, and, of course, parties. Christmas celebrations are unlike any others throughout the year because sequins and sparkles are an absolute essential. So if you're looking for a way to jazz up your festive outfits in a fun but subtle way, look no further than hair embellishment. It's the beauty trend seen on catwalks and worn by celebrities, but now you can do it yourself. Below is a guide on how to do hair embellishment and which products will work best.

Hair embellishment is far from a new trend, as the style takes its inspo from the '90s, when hair accessories were all the rage. Celebrities such as Lupita Nyong'o, J Lo, and Kerry Washington were rocking the the look back in 2018 but, more recently, Zazie Beetz stunned at the 5th Annual Through Her Lens workshop with pearls dotted throughout her hair and Alicia Keys gained more than 140,000 likes on a shot of her with diamanté studs adorning her plait. Now's the chance for you to create these looks for yourself.

1. Hair pins

If you're looking for a way to ease yourself into the hair embellishment trend, but you aren't quite ready to commit the time to putting individual gems in your hair, hair pins are a great place. You simply slide them onto your hair and you're off. So easy, yet so glam.

2. Hair gems

If you've got a little more time to get ready and you're ready for a hair artistry challenge, look no further than hair gems. Use tweezers to place them onto your hair and just brush them out when you're ready.

3. Hair coils

This is a real '90s throwback but if you want to get into the spirit of it, hair coils are where it's at. A little fiddly, but definitely worth the extra effort.

4. Pearls

Pearls are definitely a step up in the glam department when it comes to hair embellishment, and will ensure that you are party ready.

5. Bobby pins

Bobby pins are also a super easy way to elevate any hair do. Slide them into your pony tail or braids to give them an extra pop. If you're looking for something festive, why not try these bobby pins from Crown and Glory that a reminiscent of a starry night?

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