Bethenny Was A No-Show At This 'RHONY' Party

Heidi Gutman/Bravo

As if we didn’t have enough Real Housewives Of New York drama in November with Bethenny’s birthday and the election, let’s add one more thing to the mix — Ramona singer’s surprise party. Ugh. Dorinda threw a very nice party for Ramona (I can admit that much), but they were both perturbed that one of the Housewives didn’t show up for her (I’m assuming) contractually preferred appearance. But Bethenny didn’t need to go to Ramona’s party on Real Housewives Of New York, and here’s why.

Bethenny and Ramona have been in the same Housewives cast on and off for almost a decade, and that long is enough to develop some bad blood. Bethenny has let most of Ramona’s absurd utterances roll off her back — remember when Ramona and Bethenny were strolling on the Brooklyn Bridge and Ramona told Bethenny she was going to die alone? — But this time, Ramona has gone too far. Arranging the statement as some sort of faux concern for Bethenny’s daughter, Ramona wanted to know about a “soft core” adult film that Bethenny did like 20 years ago. Ramona wanted to know if anyone had said anything to Bethenny’s daughter about it, but really she just wanted to call out that Bethenny’s boobies have been exposed. Okay, Ramona. This was pretty obvious to anyone watching the show, and Bethenny shut it down fast. She also shut down the idea of going to this party, because why should she?

These women may have to work together on the show, but Bethenny is an adult and at the end of the day, she’s tired of Ramona coming for her all the time. It has to be exhausting to be on the defense constantly, don’t you think? Even Sonja didn’t accept Ramona’s reasons for questioning Bethenny about her tape — Ramona made it seem like she was inquiring because of the kid, and Sonja was all, “Nah, we don’t talk about kids and business so what are you talking about?” Sonja has her flaws, but she is graciously levelheaded when she needs to be.

Ramona is done with Bethenny and Bethenny is done with Ramona. Fine. But for no reason did Bethenny have to just “pop in” to Ramona’s party to say hi. It’s just a birthday party, one that Ramona could have probably lived without. I wouldn’t have gone either. Why spend an evening celebrating a woman who judges every move you make when you could be out doing other things? Bethenny can go too hard and too fast in declaring other Housewives persona non grata, but in the case of Ramona and abstaining from her birthday party, no lies or flaws are detected.