Bethenny Frankel Complimented Ramona Singer On 'RHONY' & No, Pigs Are Not Flying

The relationship between Real Housewives of New York City OG's Bethenny Frankel and Ramona Singer has been pretty tumultuous. Usually, there's at least some tension between the two of them. But things might be chancing. First, they bonded during this season's upstate New York trip. Now, get ready for this one — Bethenny Frankel complimented Ramona Singer and it seemed like she actually meant it.

Yup, she was sincerely complimenting her costar without any remnants of shade. Not only that, but Bethenny actually praised her multiple times for the same thing: Her amicable relationship with ex-husband Mario Singer, which has been a plot point this season for some reason.

When Mario appeared in a previous episode this season, all the fandom could talk about was their chemistry. In fact, it was so palpable that even the New York Housewives couldn't help but wonder if they hooked up for old time's sake. However, Ramona adamantly denied those claims and insisted that he only came over to walk their dog, Coco. You know, the dog that she claimed has "one year left to live" just based on her age and nothing actually related to her health. Mario had to get some quality time in with Ramona... I mean Coco... while he could.

That wasn't Mario's only appearance this season though. He also showed up during the girls' trip to Miami during the June 5 episode to attend a party. Before his appearance, Ramona gave the ladies a heads up.

She began, "I didn't tell you this." Of course, this prompted Dorinda Medley to instinctively respond, "Ugh oh."

Ramona cut her off though."It's not an 'ugh oh.' It just shows you how things can change. Mario met me the last time he was in the city, with the girls. I told him we were down here. He said 'I'll come visit.' So he's gonna come tonight. It's a nice thing," she said.

Dorinda was aghast, but Bethenny was really soaking it all in. "I'm jealous," she said. Wait. Bethenny actually said she was jealous of Ramona? Are pigs flying?

The Skinnygirl founder even told Ramona that their relationship was "beautiful." And it really is. It's also a stark contrast to Bethenny's current situation — she's currently embroiled in a bitter custody battle with her own ex-husband.

The tight relationship is especially impressive since Ramona and Mario split up as a result of his extramarital affair. Bethenny asked Ramona if he ever expressed any regret about the affair and Ramona said that he has told her how sorry he is that it happened. So they've worked things out.

When Mario arrived, things got a lot more interesting since Ramona also invited a man that she was interested in to the partyHowever, everyone involved was totally cool with that somehow. Barely any drama at all.

Bethenny even asked Mario, "You guys are all friends and consciously uncoupled now?" Yes, they are the Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin of the Real Housewives franchise.

Mario told Bethenny, "See, it can happen. Something to shoot for." Yes, it is. In her confessional, Bethenny had even more compliments for the Singer family. She declared, "This Mario/Ramona dynamic is so modern. I am jealous. I love it for Avery. I love it for them. I just... I love it!"

As Ramona would say, "Wow, Bethenny, wow." It's nice to see Bethenny being supporting Ramona and complimenting her on her ability to move forward and peacefully co-parent with Mario.

It's actually more enjoyable than watching Bethenny and Ramona argue back and forth. Does this mean they are on the verge of becoming friends? Let's watch what happens next. Now that Ramona has Bethenny's support, anything can happen.