Bethenny Has A Come A Long Way From What Fans Saw On The 'RHONY Premiere

by Marenah Dobin
Rodolfo Martinez/Bravo

There seems to be no rest for the Real Housewives of New York City Unfortunately for Bethenny Frankel, she had a lot to deal with in between Season 10 and Season 11, both in her personal and professional life. Now that the new season is upon us, it might be a good time to check in and take note of what Betheny Frankel does in 2019 and how far she's come from last season, if at all.

During the Season 11 premiere episode, Bethenny was very open about her struggles following the death of her on-again-off-again boyfriend Dennis Shields. Sure, she did what she could to stay on top of her game professionally with the photoshoot during the March 6 premiere episode, but, sadly, the microphone did pick up on Bethenny crying in the bathroom over the tough loss during the shoot and talking to friends about overcoming her grief.

Bethenny has become a friend in the mind of many viewers throughout the years, so it was tough to see her struggling during the first episode of the season. Nevertheless, that was filmed months ago and she has been up to a lot since filming wrapped.

Aside from being a Real Housewife of New York, Bethenny is a very involved mother with her daughter Bryn and their dogs Biggy and Smallz. As we all know, she is running her Skinnygirl empire, with its ever-expanding range of products. And there is just so much more to cover.

She's In A New Relationship

Even though Bethenny has always been very private about her love life, that is not the case when it comes to her relationship with new boyfriend Paul Bernon. Bethenny posted a photo with Paul for Valentine's Day. On Feb. 10, she posted a picture of roses with the caption "love is in the air #luckylady." In January, the couple went to a New England Patriots game together.

She's Navigating Life With A Food Allergy

Bethenny was hospitalized for a severe allergic reaction in December 2018. On Jan. 9, Bethenny tweeted about memory and hearing loss after her hospitalization.

On Jan. 31, Bethenny discussed her traumatic experience during an appearance on The Dr. Oz Show. During that episode, she declared, "It happened for a reason and now I get to use my voice, use my social."

She's Spending Time With Her Family

Even though Bethenny is very cautious about keeping her daughter Bryn's face out of the spotlight, she has shared some photos and videos of Bryn on her Instagram page.

And Bethenny isn't the only one spending quality time with Bryn. According to Us Weekly, Bethenny posted a video with two sets of flowers and two envelopes addressed to "B" and "Bryn" on Feb. 11. The Real Housewife didn't say who the flowers were from in the video, but it's very likely that they're from Bethenny's new man.

She's A Judge On Shark Tank

Bethenny might be a newer addition to Shark Tank, but she has had no problem speaking her mind on the show. On the Jan. 13 episode, Bethenny even called out OG cast member Robert Herjavec for being a "copycat" when they both proposed identical deals to a contestant.

There are always some new Bethenny updates. From her professional life, to her family life, to her love life, Bethenny is always moving forward and keeping it interesting. And that is why she is still such a staple on Real Housewives of New York City.