These Beto O'Rourke Memes & Tweets Show People Were Seriously Crushed By His Loss

Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images News/Getty Images

On Tuesday evening, a popular Senate candidate in Texas lost his race to incumbent Republican Senator Ted Cruz. Following news of his loss, Beto O'Rourke memes and tweets appeared all over social media, with many using the medium to express their disappointment at the Democratic candidate's loss.

O'Rourke gave an impassioned concession speech in El Paso on Tuesday evening. In his speech, he offered immense gratitude to his supporters and expressed hope for the future trajectory of Texas and the United States. As the Democratic senatorial candidate asserted (via Vox):

El Paso, I love you so much. I am so proud of you in the city and community and what you mean to the rest of the country. And what you have achieved tonight, along with so many other amazing people across the state. The kindness, generosity you have shown to me and Amy and our family, and to our campaign, it’s amazing. That is why my faith in this state and country is not diminished. We will continue to work and come together to make sure that we live up to the promise of potential of the country.

As The Guardian described, O'Rourke's campaign received a lot of attention and support from young people, both in Texas and across the United States. Indeed, in his race, O'Rourke raised around $70 million, with most of it coming from online contributions. As a result of O'Rourke's popularity, many were exceedingly disappointed after he lost his Texas Senate bid to Cruz. The memes and tweets below reflect some of this disappointment, but also reveal that his supporters have hope that he will have a bright political future.

Beyoncé Has His Back

Some pointed out that, while O'Rourke didn't win, he still accomplished a major feat — an endorsement from Beyoncé.

Beto 2020?

Many believe that this could just be the beginning of O'Rourke's political aspirations.

It's Good To Be "Out Of Touch"

Wright, an author and editor, made it pretty clear how she feels about Cruz's victory.

"A Remarkable Talent"

Many took to Twitter to commend O'Rourke and his campaign in spite of their loss.

It Doesn't Add Up

Many were confounded as to why O'Rourke didn't receive more support at the polls.

A Look On The Bright Side

Others shared uplifting results from the midterms in order to brighten people's spirits.

A Potential 2020 Ticket

A few were already envisioning O'Rourke's hypothetical 2020 presidential bid.


Some Twitter users spoke out to express gratitude to all of the people who worked tirelessly to campaign for O'Rourke and others.

Just The Beginning

Some on social media shared stories of other political losses to illustrate potential prospects for O'Rourke's future.

"Now He Can Run"

Like many, Alyssa Milano thought that O'Rourke's loss means that greater things are to come.


Shaun King laid bare his thoughts on O'Rourke's failed Senate bid.

"Texas Is Now A Purple State"

Some focused on what O'Rourke's campaign meant for the political trajectory of Texas overall.

Overall, it's pretty clear that many of O'Rourke's supporters were disheartened by his loss to Cruz. However, many Americans also seem confident that this is not the end of O'Rourke's political career. Indeed, these high hopes for the Senate candidate's political future seem to be offering inspiration and comfort to those who were disappointed by his loss on Tuesday.