Beyonce & Blue Ivy's 'Beauty and the Beast' Red Carpet Poses Will Make Your Day — PHOTOS

Christopher Polk/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Are Beyoncé and Blue trying to make us cry 24/7? Any time Beyoncé and Blue Ivy step out in public it is almost painfully adorable. In February, the whole Carter fam were spotted court side at an NBA All Star game in New Orleans. Beyoncé and Blue Ivy grinned through the whole game, eating cotton candy and cheering. Before that, at the VMAs in August the two showed up on the red carpet in matching shimmery gowns. And on Monday, the duo were photographed matching once again at the Beauty and the Beast premiere, and Beyoncé shared the photos of their gorgeous gowns to her website. While both brought some strong looks to the scene, as per usual, it was their goofy antics that caught my attention this time. The snaps of Beyoncé and Blue Ivy making funny faces on the red carpet are certain to make you laugh.

While there are plenty of glamorous shots of the Carter family's evening out, the candid moments between Beyoncé and Blue Ivy are the most memorable. While Jay Z stepped out of the frame, Bey took the initiative and turned toward the camera to make a silly face. In a couple of red carpet snaps, both ladies stuck out their tongues and crossed their eyes.

Were they trying to emulate the scary faces of the Beast? Perhaps they were simply trolling the cameras to give fans a good laugh? Or just blowing off some red carpet steam by being silly? Who is to say, but even while making the goofiest of faces Beyoncé and Blue somehow still look flawless. Next time I just hope they get Jay Z in the mix for these ridiculous antics.

Of course, if these photos are the fam bringing out their inner Beast, the whole crew was a bunch of beauties, as well. Beyoncé and Blue Ivy looked stunning in their green gowns, and it's clear from all the smiles the whole family was having a blast. The whole family seems to be in good spirits and clearly can't wait for Blue Ivy's newest siblings.

Even after the two newest Carters arrive, they might be a few years away from red carpets and funny photos, but we can look forward to it, anyway.