Beyoncé Cut Her Braid Off While Performing Because It Got In The Way & Truly How DARE It

Brad Barket/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Some people go to the On The Run Tour to see Beyoncé and Jay-Z. Others go to see Beyoncé and her braid. As Teen Vogue originally reported, Beyoncé cut her iconic waist-length braid in-between on-stage performance after a wardrobe malfunction. Because nothing will stop Queen Bey when she is singing — not even a hairstyle.

Beyoncé is knowns for her iconic fashion and beauty moments, like the yellow "Hold-Up" dress and her sorority sweatshirt. But nothing is more iconic than her waist-length braid. She whips it around on stage and there's a good chance that she choreographs how it will twirl during songs. But it has done her dirty.

According to Twitter user @TianasTrippy, Beyoncé cut off eight inches of her hair after it got stuck in her earring at the Philadelphia show.

"Beyoncé is such a perfectionist and lets NOTHING stop her lol yesterday at the concert her long ass braid got caught in her earring and it took her like 5 mins to take it out so after that song during outfit change you best to believe her braid was cut like 8 inches," the tweet says.

It seems to be true, too. If you look at fan photos from before and after the alleged incident, you'll see a noticeable change in her braid lengths.

Here's the pre-chopped style:

As you can see in the video, the ultra-long braid comes down to her butt. The hair is also super tightly braided the entire way down. After the alleged chopping, you can see that the braid is much shorter and the ends are frayed where she chopped it off.

Beyoncé has not commented on whether or not the braid was definitely cut, but the videos don't lie. There's also no word on whether or not it was her real hair that she cut or if she was cutting a set of extensions instead. Both options show some serious dedication to her on-stage performance.

When you play Beyoncé, you get cut off. In this case literally.

Either way, she sure does know how to rock a braid. She swings that thing around like it's a limb of hers. Short or long, it really doesn't matter. Not a whole lot of people seemed to notice, either. They praised both lengths of the braid equally.

Name a more iconic duo. I'll wait...

I would pay to be a fly on the wall of the backstage chop.

Simple, sweet, and to the point. Beyoncé's braid might as well have its own fan page.

True fans know that this is not just a braid. It's a part of the show.

This phrase should be put on a t-shirt to be honest. Everyone who is not slayed by the end of the concert should get one.

The end of that sentence really puts the moment into words nicely.

Well, at least someone cracked the code. I wonder if the braid cried when Beyoncé cut it off.

Will Beyoncé forgive her ultra-long braid for playing her like that? Only time will tell.