Beyoncé Released A Valentine's Day Clothing Line That Will Make You Actually Like The Holiday

If you're not in the mood for upcoming holiday, this might just change your mind. As PopSugar found, Beyoncé created a Valentine's Day merch collection that is all about the many eras of her music. Whether you've been following the singer since the very beginning or have a soft spot for her new music, there's an item for you. After all, there's a Beyoncé quote for every occasion — especially when it comes to love.

Odds are that you know all about Beyoncé's athleisure line Ivy Park, but she's actually got a pretty amazing merch line. It's got everything from lemon-splattered sports bras to "Boy, Bye" crop tops, but nothing beats the Valentine's Day collection. The singer took a look back at all her past items to curate the perfect slogans for the day of love.

There's a shirt that says "All Night" in honor of the song off Lemonade. You know, where she sings about how she will "kiss up and rub up and feel up" on Jay-Z after she has some time to trust him again. There's also a top that reads "Fulfill My Fantasies" and shorts that say "Bootylicious." I'll let you true fans figure those ones out yourself.

The rest includes a slew of "Bey Mine"merch and a shirt that shows Beyoncé as the King of Hearts. You can shop every single item on the merch website right now. Items range from $30 to $60 and come in sizes small to 2XL. Here's a look at the entire line, so you can shop accordingly.

1. All Night Shirt

All Night T-Shirt, $35, Shop.Beyonce

The Lemonade lyrics sure does make for the perfect Valentine's Day slogan. I'll let your imagination run wild with this one. If anything, the pink and red colors will get you you into the V-Day spirit.

2. King Of Hearts

King Of Hearts Longsleeve, $35, Shop.Beyonce

Sorry King Kylie, Beyoncé is here and she's taking over the holiday. She's not messing around when it comes to her status of love. If you hate the holiday, odds are that you'll like it a lot more after seeing this shirt.

3. Bey Mine Case

Bey Mine Phonecase, $30, Shop.Beyonce

There is a Beyoncé pun for every holiday and this one could be the best yet. Petition to have these printed on all of the candy hearts until the end of time, anyone?

4. Fantasies T-Shirt

Fantasies T-Shirt, $35, Shop.Beyonce

The collection might have a whole lot of Lemonade album references, but she throws in back to the beginning too. The lyrics and the image comes from one of her first songs, but the slogan still works perfectly for Valentine's Day.

5. Bootylicious Shorts

Bootylicious Shorts, $40, Shop.Beyonce

Let's be honest, you've been waiting a long time for these. Because what better way to say, "I don't think you're ready for this jelly" than with a pair of these shorts.

6. Rocket 'Til Waterfalls

Rocket Hoodie Sweatshirt, $60, Shop.Beyonce

This one speaks for itself, so I'm going to let you take this slogan and run with it. The shirt is one of the only pieces of merch that is double sided. You know, just in case you didn't get the clue just from the lyric on the front.

7. Beyoncé Shirt

The Body T-Shirt, $35, Shop.Beyonce

One word pretty much says it all. Not exactly the most Valentine-Day specific, but you can go wrong with this top.

Consider your Valentine's Day that much sweeter, thanks to Queen, er, I mean King Bey.