Beyonce Skipped The 2017 BET Awards Red Carpet

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It goes without saying that Beyonce at any award show is amazing. Beyonce on any red carpet is always remarkable — her gown, her makeup, her entire presence. You get the idea. Beyonce at the 2017 BET Awards red carpet would have been remarkable, of course — epic, even. Unfortunately, though, Beyonce just gave birth to twins so, you know, she probably has some more important things to tend to at the moment. Of course, Beyonce being Beyonce, she could be busy with any number of other things or projects, and that would explain why she didn't make it to the 2017 BET Awards to celebrate her nomination for Best Female R&B/Pop Artist.

But given that Beyonce is rumored to have given birth as recently as a week ago, it's probably fair to assume that she's home recovering and recuperating with her three (three!!) children and husband. Granted, she could also be saving the world or running a marathon or both simultaneously and I would believe it as well just because she is Beyonce. In any case — she didn't make it to this year's BET's red carpet and, hey, can you blame her? Queen Bey is busy.

Let's spend our time rembering Bey's last BET Awards appearance, shall we?

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This gorgeous image is from 2012 — five whole years ago! It's hard to think about how much has changed in Beyonce's life since then. A time before Lemonade, imagine!

Beyonce's latest major award show appearance was at the 2017 Grammys. This red number is hard to forget.

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Here's hoping we'll see Queen Bey at next year's BET Awards!