The Way Beyonce & Solange Handled Their Coachella Fall Will Leave You In Awe Of The Sisters

Imeh Akpanudosen/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

It may have seemed impossible to top the first epic Beychella performance, but weekend two certainly didn't disappoint. In Beyoncé's second Coachella performance, there were a few tweaks to the original show, such as Bey's use of the color pink, a surprise song choice, guest performers, and that accidental fall alongside sister Solange. Yes, Bey brought out her fellow genetically-gifted sibling once again for another amazing rendition of "Get Me Bodied." This time, however, they fell, and both Beyoncé and Solange handled the fall exactly how you'd expect them to.

Although the short incident was clearly a mistake, it was so slick that people are questioning whether or not it was actually intentional. While doing their thing and getting the crowd riled up in their seemingly half-choreographed/half-spontaneous number, Beyoncé tried to pick up Solange, and they both accidentally fell to the ground. They immediately embraced the moment and gracefully lied on their backs while kicking their feet up in the air in an impromptu coordinated move. They got up and cracked up, totally laughing it off, while Solange happily skipped away and Queen Bey took the mic and proudly said to the crowd, "Give it up for my sister!" You can watch their amazing sister moment here.

They obviously handled it like pros, and their fans were here for every second of it.

Meanwhile, the Beyhive is acknowledging what happened while claiming other forces of nature were at work here.

This isn't the first time Bey has made a fall seem like it happened on purpose. She accidentally fell during her 2016 Super Bowl performance before getting right back up in line with her dancers and continuing on with the choreography. She also fell during another performance and kept on strutting like she was effortlessly walking on water. Now, the question fans raised is still up for debate: Do the Knowles actually fall? Or do falls get Knowles-ed?

After taking a short break from the stage to welcome her twins, Bey has returned to the stage, and her first Coachella performance was not only deemed the greatest show ever, it also fired up the conversation about Beyoncé being the greatest performer of all-time. In weekend two, Bey kept the core of the two-hour show the same, but she changed a few elements to still keep audiences on their toes.

On the second Saturday, Bey donned four new costumes and wore pink instead of yellow in the show opening. She also added J Balvin to the lineup to bring down the house with "Mi Gente" (in addition to guests Jay-Z, Solange, and Destiny's Child). Signature elements of the show included the huge marching band, squad of backup dancers, Bey's sorority Beta Delta Kappa sweater, and tributes to black education and history in America.

The graceful fall included, Beyoncé's Coachella performances made festival history, according to CNN, and Pitchfork deemed her show as "one for the ages." Those who weren't on festival grounds and wanted to watch the incredible performance for themselves broke viewership records on YouTube, according to Fortune. Queen Bey's first weekend show attracted 458,000 simultaneous global viewers at its peak, making it the most-viewed Coachella performance in history. Oh, and that's far from the only reason the "Formation" singer made history during Coachella. After being unable to perform at the festival in 2017 due to her pregnancy, this year, Beyoncé became the first black woman to headline Coachella.

Fans around the world, Beyhive and beyond, are in awe. And because Bey apparently doesn't need sleep, last month it was announced that she and Jay-Z would begin their On The Run II Tour this summer. The trailer showed footage of Beyoncé and Jay-Z performing together in the past and promises for some incredible shows on the way — with or without falls.