Beyonce Went To Target & The Beyhive Is Looooving It

Getty Images/Bustle

It’s Queen Bey’s world and we’re just living in it, but sometimes Beyoncé Knowles-Carter descends from on high to interact with us mere mortals. And this week she went to one of the most universally beloved places on god’s green Earth. Beyoncé took a trip to Target, and Twitter freaked out.

On Thursday, Beyoncé, her mother, Tina Knowles, her daughter, Blue Ivy, and one of her twins visited the San Clemente Target, and the lucky few that happened to be shopping there for shampoo, pillows, detergent, and underwear spotted Beyoncé in her sunglasses and backpack. Twitter was really in their feelings, expressing joy, shock, and delight that Bey loves Target, too, and of course, some lamented the fact that Beyoncé can’t do her holiday shopping in peace.

But, if you saw Beyoncé at Target, surely you'd whip out your phone, too? If not follow her around at a safe distance... Everyone's a creep when it comes to the Queen. The Target that Bey hit up in San Clemente, California, will probably get a lot more foot traffic now from fans hoping to catch a glimpse of Beyoncé picking out some candles and curtains. She was probably doing some holiday shopping or maybe Blue Ivy just needed some school supplies.

Twitter was on red alert, after people started posting images of Beyoncé at the store.

Most would not be able to keep their composure.

What if Bey was one of us? Just a stranger in a Target?

Even deities need socks and snacks, but it's confusing.

Some people were pissed, though, that Beyoncé wasn't able to shop in peace.

But then the counterpoint: What would you have done?

Now that it's known that Beyoncé shops at Target, you can justify every trip there, no matter what.

She really does whatever she wants.

Can you even imagine who that blessed cashier was?

Of course, though the instances are few and far between, Queen Bey does occasionally do things that plebeians do, and not just shopping at Target. Like when she went on a long bike ride in New York! OK, so she was riding to her own concert at the Barclays Center, but still, she was putting the pedal to the metal on her own.

And she takes silly, adorable Snapchat selfies with Blue!

She's a proud mom and loves to show off Blue Ivy's heart-melting art.

She got matching sneaks for Blue Ivy and herself! So cute.

She and JAY-Z even take those cheesy jumping couples pics (and of course, they nailed it).

And she shares sweet family throwback photos, like this one of her and little sis Solange:

It's very easy to forget that Beyoncé Gisele Knowles-Carter walks the Earth and doesn't live in a palace in the sky, especially when she performs at the Super Bowl, is a close friend of the Obamas, and drops incredible, brilliant visual albums in the dead of night. So, it's very comforting to see Queen Bey with her mama and her kids at Target with her sunglasses and backpack on, just being a mom and getting ready for the holidays. Of course, that begs the question: WHAT DID SHE BUY? Did Bey go into that very familiar Target blackout, walking in for laundry detergent and ending up spending $1,000 three hours later?

Alas, whatever's on Bey's Target receipt is between her and the lucky cashier who checked her out, and so far, it appears they are not on Twitter spilling their secrets. One thing is for sure: Members of the BeyHive in San Clemente will probably be lurking around their Target a lot more often, hoping to spot Beyoncé in the wild. The company should change their slogan from "Expect more. Pay less" to "Beyoncé shops here, enough said."