Beyonce's 2019 "Bey-Cap" Includes Rare (And Adorable) Pics Of Rumi & Sir

by Danielle Burgos

In the wee early hours of 2020, Beyonce fans got a rare New Year's treat when the Queen herself posted a year end video summary of 2019 highlights, events, and of course, looks. But while fun, Beyonce looking fabulous and enjoying her friends and family is something the Beyhive's seen plenty of before. The real rarity was that Beyonce's 2019 Instagram "Bey-Cap" includes pictures of twins Rumi and Sir, now out of babyhood and officially toddlers. Toddlers!

The twins were born on June 13, 2017. Soon after, Beyonce shared a photo of them at one month that got over ten million likes. Following that, it was over a year before any more pictures of them were shared with the public. Though fans mostly understood and respected Bey and Jay's desire for privacy, the internet blew up when pics of the twins were finally shared on Bey's website, showing her holding them on her lap on a family trip to Europe.

And now, to start off the new decade, we're graced with a year's worth of photos, the most pics of Rumi and Sir actively shared with fans to date. Starting all the way back at the beginning of 2019, there's a holiday photo of the twins at just over a year old. It's probably not coincidental the text covers their faces — Bey's probably protecting their privacy.

Most of the photos of the twins center around Rumi and Sir's 2nd birthday party, where they're running around in the bright sun. Baby sharks seem to be a theme between Rumi's swimsuit and the cardboard cutouts — could it be a subtle nod to the supposedly terrible twos? Probably not.

Older sister Blue's certainly not left out and appears throughout the video montage, both alone and with her siblings. It's striking to see them all together and realize how big Rumi and Sir have become - last seen as actual babies, they're now walking all on their own. The matching swimsuits and trunks in this pic are also almost unbearably cute.

Despite the circle of privacy surrounding them, it looks like the twins are becoming media savvy as the rest of their family, playing with filters and learning their angles. Being the child of a celebrity draws enough attention; being the child of the world's premiere A-list couple in a time of unprecedented documentation via social media has got to be a parent's worst nightmare. Fortunately the teen years are still a while away, and for now, the Carters still have a tight leash on their kids' online profiles.

The video as a whole is heavy on Bey's events and outfits, including the release of Homecoming, Adele's birthday party, and her at the premiere of Queen & Slim. But Bey closes the year out with a gorgeous family portrait, all the ladies in full winter whites and Jay-Z and Sir sporting black tie tuxedos. Even though it's posed, it's a wonderful rare peek at the whole Carter clan, together and ready for a new year.