This Glue Stick Eyebrow Hack Is MUA-Approved

Many household items become beauty hacks and serve a greater purpose, courtesy of inventive bloggers. Like the dental floss pick used as an eyeliner guide or the kitchen sponge repurposed as a makeup blender or the bottle cap that was used for eyeshadow application. But when a makeup artist like L'Oreal's Sir John suggests a hack, you better perk up and listen.... stat.

Sir John, who has worked with Beyonce, so that's really all you need to know about his impeccable credentials, recommends these eyebrow hacks.

One features hairspray and the other features an Elmer's glue stick — yes, the kind you used for arts and crafts projects in grade school. It's a secret weapon for keeping brows well-groomed and any errant hairs static during the heat and humidity of the summer.

First, you can tame eyebrows by spritzing a little hairspray on a thin toothbrush and then gently rubbing it on the brows to shape them. That's not a crazy tip. However, his additional suggestion is a bit more out of the box.

In more extreme cases, like while he is on tour with his stellar clients, he has used a glue stick in place of hairspray to set brows and then styles and finishes them with any of L'Oreal's offerings.

A glue stick? That sounds like it makes total sense, since a glue stick is just sticky enough for this purpose. As always, if you want to try this hack to keep brows in place, do so carefully. We recommend that anytime you put anything near your eyes, as eyesight is precious. Proceed with caution.

Sir John has some amazing talent... as well some cool tips and tricks.

Courtesy of Target

Glue sticks can serve so many purposes... from school projects to quick eyebrow fixes.

BTW, glue sticks are also used as part of a hack for covering brows!