Beyonce's New Merch Line Takes Inspo From Your Poster-Heavy Teenage Room

When I was a teen, I used to have a purple room, sticker-decorated IKEA furniture, and walls filled with pop star posters. Those purple walls were papered with Mandy Moore, Destiny's Child, and Mariah Carey, creating a gallery wall of Top 40 music. Beyonce's "The Bey Search" merchandise line (available in sizes S to 3X) takes that idea and solidifies it into a capsule collection.

Meant to look like a Google Image Search come to life in a fashion line, The Bey Search merchandise line features hundreds of tiny Beyonce photos collaged into one print. The line went live on Aug. 9 on Beyonce's online store. Windbreakers, bike shorts, and bucket hats are decorated in everything from album covers to Instagram photos. There are mid-2000s Polaroids, snapshots from Beychella, and pregnancy photos decorating fanny packs and bodycon dresses, which only a true Beyhive member could appreciate.

You can spend an hour looking at all the individual photos on the fitted tank, getting a glimpse of Beyonce's career and personal life throughout the years. There are 12 items in the collection, letting you pick and choose which items would work best for your own closet. But you will need to act fast if you want to add this Google Image Search line into your wardrobe — the fanny pack is already sold out.

If you're wondering how to pull off a collage of Beyonce photos, the Queen Bey has helpfully released some campaign photos to give you an idea on how to style the items. For the Beysearch Bodysuit for example, the model is wearing the leotard with a trendy canary yellow summer suit.

As for the Beysearch Bodycon Dress, it's all about layering. The high-neck, sleeveless bodycon dress is perfect to layer over a brightly colored turtleneck. Then add statement-making earrings and neon sunnies to finish the outfit.

The Beysearch Tank and Bike Short Set also offers an interesting opportunity to layer. Here the model has paired the Google Image Search collage shorts with an orange, thigh-skimming blazer. But the true genius happens with the tank: The top is layered underneath a sheer, long-sleeved shirt. That way the collage just faintly peeks through from underneath.

For those who like to have multitasking items in their closets, the Beysearch Work Shirt is it. In the campaign photo, Beyonce demonstrates how you can wear it in two different ways. If you tie the ends together, you can create a retro-inspired crop top. Or you can leave the shirt open and layered over a white tank for a more casual look. For the really committed fans, you can also pair your Work Shirt with the Beysearch Bucket Hat.

Or another way to wear the Beysearch Work Shirt is to leave it completely unbuttoned and tie it in the middle for a more low-cut crop top. Pair it with high waist jeans or your favorite skirt to finish off the outfit.

The great thing about the Beysearch merch line is that it can easily be worn across the seasons. You can show off your Beyonce obsession all year long.