Beyonce (Kind Of) Has A New Song Out

Duane Prokop/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

If you had gone to sleep before checking social media on March 1, you could have easily missed the hint that Beyoncé was going to be featured on a new DJ Khaled song. In that case, the morning of March 2 was like an unexpected holiday when you discovered Beyoncé on DJ Khaled's "Top Off." As Billboard reported, DJ Khaled teased the song around 9 p.m. ET on March 1 and it was released hours later at 6 a.m. on March 2. So even if you had known this was coming, the time between the announcement and the drop didn't really allow you to become emotionally prepared. And while the single from Khaled's forthcoming Father of Asahd album also features JAY-Z and Future — not to mention Khaled himself — Twitter was all about Beyoncé's contributions to the song.

In Khaled's tease of "Top Off," Beyoncé was referred to simply as "B." It seemed safe to assume that the letter was talking about Queen Bey (cause who else would be just B?) — and thankfully, that turned out to be true. While JAY-Z and Future dominate most of the song with their raps, Beyoncé doesn't come in until the last verse. Like Future, she sings, "I took the top off the Maybach," but people were pumped about the fact that she raps on "Top Off" too.

Beyoncé's verse is relatively short, so Twitter has already unpacked each line.

She's Rapping

People were taken aback (in a good way) when Bey entered into the song at about 2:20.

Female Power

She had let the men have their moment, but it was due time for a woman's voice once she broke into the song.

She's Number One

While people love — and totally agree — with the line, "Top two and I ain't number two," some fans noticed that it's strikingly similar to something a fan tweeted about Blue Ivy in 2017. Quite curious ...

She's A Triple Threat

Yeah, everyone already knows that Beyoncé is a triple threat, but it still was good to hear her say it.

"Free Meek"

Beyoncé echoed what her husband had rapped earlier in "Top Off" when she said, "Free Meek." As Entertainment Weekly reported in 2017, JAY-Z has said that Meek Mill serving time in prison is "unjust."

The Non-Disclosure Agreement

People are happy to sign an NDA if it means hanging out with the queen.

Is She Talking About Tiffany Haddish?

People think the NDA line is specifically calling out Tiffany Haddish for a story she told about hanging out with Beyoncé and JAY-Z once. Glamour reported that, according to Haddish, Beyoncé stopped an actress from hitting on her husband. Some people even think they can hear Beyoncé say, "Tiffany," after the line — but that's a stretch. Meanwhile, others think Beyoncé's actual target was Kim Kardashian.

It's On Repeat

Some people on Twitter are only listening to "Top Off" for her verse.

Memorizing Lyrics

And don't be surprised if people already know her verse by heart.

Only Needing The Carters

Some fans of Mr. and Mrs. Carter actually wish that Future wasn't featured at all. But hey, you have "Family Feud" for that.

It's Future-Approved

As for what Future has to say about it, he most definitely approves of B's verse. Also, inquiring minds want to know: Is Beyoncé officially just B now? Because the world is OK with that.

Beyoncé Sprinkled Her Magic

Even though Beyoncé wasn't in the song for long, she came, she saw, she conquered — and then she got out of there.

While most people probably didn't mean to take away from the roles that Khaled, Future, and JAY-Z played in "Top Off," they just couldn't help but be swept up by the epicness that is Beyoncé. Because no matter how long she is featured in something, B always leaves her mark.