The 13 Most Adorable BFF Moments From The 'Big Little Lies' Cast

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HBO series Big Little Lies has a lot going for it. Multiple award wins, an amazing cast, and probably one of the best soundtracks on TV. Now that its returning for a second season, there's something else to look forward to: more of the Big Little Lies cast's off-screen friendship moments. While the frontrunners for the BLL BFF award are either buddies Nicole Kidman and Reese Witherspoon or Witherspoon and Laura Dern, the whole line-up of talented women loves to gush about each other.

In the series, the five women (Witherspoon, Kidman, Dern, Shailene Woodley, and Zoë Kravitz) play moms who have first graders in the same class. Three of them are close friends throughout — Witherspoon, Kidman, and Woodley — while the other two have conflicts with the other moms. However, despite some issues throughout the episodes, they are brought together in the end by a desire to take care of each other when two of them are faced by a common trauma.

That's on television, though. In real life, these five women are all well-respected actors who support each other's successes publicly and compliment each other profusely. Here's just a few of the times they went into full best friend mode.

1. Witherspoon's Social Media Posts About Kidman

Witherspoon takes Kidman's birthday very seriously, and needed the world to know.

2. Witherspoon's Whole Entire Instagram Feed

While the Oscar-winning actor is always interested in keeping thing positive on her social media account, this is particularly true when it comes to sharing pictures of with her BLL cast mates.

3. Dern & Witherspoon's Joint New York Times Interview

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Dern and Witherspoon worked on the movie Wild together (they played mother and daughter) before they played adversaries on Big Little Lies. They talked about their friendship in an interview with the New York Times that is full of amazing tidbits. "Nobody makes me laugh harder than Laura," Witherspoon said. "She can put me on the floor with a text message." Dern agreed, talking about how great their connection was while on the press tour for Wild. Dern said of Reese, "You know someone is your favorite person when you’ve done a day of press, listened to yourself ad nauseam, listened to them tell every story, and when it ends, it’s like, 'Are we going to eat something?'"

4. Kravitz Calling Woodley Her "Soulmate"

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Before appearing in BLL together, Kravitz played a supporting part to Woodley's Beatrice Prior in the Divergent series. In an interview with The New Paper, Kravitz explained her connection to the other actor, "We are obvious soulmates and the universe agrees, because we keep on getting put together, which is fantastic."

5. Witherspoon Being Endlessly Impressed With Woodley

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The producer told the Los Angeles Times:

"I literally would just stare at [Woodley] sometimes. She can literally lay you down with something she says. I would read it on the page, and be like, 'Ugh, that's kind of, I don't know how I would do that.' And then she would find a way to say it in the most natural way, and break your heart saying it."

6. Woodley's Words Of Admiration For Witherspoon & Kidman

The younger actor told Good Morning America, "It was amazing [to work with Kidman and Witherspoon, who executive produced BLL]. Nicole and Reese have been in this industry for so long and they actually genuinely still love acting and still love what they do to the point where they're producing their own content and their creating their own projects."

7. Witherspoon's Speech Introducing Kidman At The Gotham Awards

Witherspoon got to present the Gotham Tribute Actress Award to her “beautiful, soulful, talented friend, Nicole." The whole speech is a love fest, but here's what you need to know about how Witherspoon handled working with Kidman on BLL:

“Last year, I was really lucky, I got the chance to work with her, finally. I managed also to coerce my line producer to make sure I was in the same makeup trailer with her at all times while she was getting ready so I could ask her anything I wanted to. She was captive for two hours. And I asked her a lot of questions."

If only fans could have heard what went on in that trailer!

8. Dern's Award Acceptance Speeches

Dern spread the love to her co-stars when she won both the Golden Globe Award and Emmy for best supporting actress. During the Golden Globes she said, in part, she was grateful for "the brilliant Shailene, Zoë, Reese, and Nicole — my new family." In her Emmys speech she went further, and said, "I've been acting since I was 11 years old and I think I have worked with maybe 12 women, so I want to thank the television academy for honoring our show and working with this incredible tribe of fierce women." She added later, ""I share this with my tribe of four ladies. I feel very proud to be reflecting fierce women and mothers finding their voice."

9. That Part In Her Speech Where Dern Thanked Witherspoon & Kidman's Moms

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The best part of Dern's Emmy speech was when she gave a shoutout to the mothers of the series' leads. "Thank you to Nicole and Reese’s moms for not only giving us extraordinary women, but really well-read women, because that’s how I keep getting parts." Speaking of which...

10. Dern & Witherspoon's Friendship, Which Extends To Multiple Generations

In the aforementioned Times article, Witherspoon revealed that their moms "watched Wild together in a theater holding hands." Dern said, "We love each other’s families." They even said they spent Mother's Day all together with them chatting with each other's moms and their teenage daughters hanging out together.

11. Kravitz Gushing About Finding Witherspoon, Kidman, & Dern Inspirational

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Kravitz told the LA Times that working with Witherspoon and Kidman was a "beautiful experience." She explained, "They are the big dogs on the set, and I look up to both of them, and Laura as well, so having them ask 'What do you think?' meant a lot to me, and I learned through that."

12. And Witherspoon & Kidman Gushing About Kravitz

On the red carpet for the Emmys both actors talked about knowing the 29-year-old actor when she was much younger — Kidman was once even engaged to Zoë's father, Lenny Kravitz, in the early 2000s. "I’ve known her since she was 12," Witherspoon told E!, according to Harper's Bazaar. "So it was so exciting to get to work with her as an adult woman and have this great experience of getting to be her friend.”

13. Just Look At This Picture

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Seriously, is there anyway to breakup one of those "Best Friend Forever" heart necklaces five ways so that Reese, Laura, Nicole, Shailene, and Zoë could wear the charms everywhere they go?

When Big Little Lies returns for its second season, there better be more BFF moments. Maybe this time new co-star Meryl Streep will also be boarding the friendship train.