You SO Need This Wonder Woman Brush Set In Your Makeup Arsenal

If this year has taught the world anything, it's that there's always time for a little girl power — especially first thing in the morning. As PopSugar found, Bijou Blossoms created a Wonder Woman Brush Set that honestly looks bulletproof. The set includes everything you need to get a makeup look that could last through battle.

The makeup world loves quirky beauty items, but this one goes above and beyond. You might not know the brand Bijou Blossoms, but you will after this. They've created some masterful makeup brushes that combine the best pop culture characters with high-quality tools. It's a match made in heaven.

This particular brush set was inspired by Wonder Woman, and you'll know it at first glance. The tools have a blue handle, reminiscent of the character's boots, a red top, based on the iconic corset, and a golden part holding the bristles. It's like Wonder Woman's outfit stretched out and made of steel.

As far as the bristles go, you have everything you need to create the perfect eye look plus some. There's a blending, pencil, packing, spoolie, and a highlighting brush. Because everyone needs a little extra glow — even super heroes. Honestly, even Wonder Woman probably has this set in her arsenal.

According to the Bijou Blossoms website, you can shop the set right now. The five piece set is available for $32 each. That breaks down to $6.40 per brush, which is pretty darn affordable. As of Apr. 10, there is no limit on how many you can purchase and it looks to be a permanent part of the collection. Bustle reached out to the brand for comment.

The website says that this is a full-sized brush set. It also comes with a pretty little dust bag to put them in. You know, because it's best to keep your makeup brushes out of harm's way. Even if they do look like they could take a bullet for you.

The handles of these brushes are not made out of steel, despite what the might look like. The products description shows that it is made of Zinc Alloy. There's no mention on the website what the bristles are made of. Bustle also reached out to see if they are cruelty free.

This isn't the only quirky brush set available on the website, either. There's everything from rose shaped brushes that have leaves all the way down the handle to Sailor Moon characters standing at the top of the tools. Oh, and there's also Pokemon characters on the brushes that come with handles. So you can actually catch them all — literally.

The brand is also known for its' clothing as well. You can stop at the online shop for a full beauty collection and then skip tabs to shop fashion as well. They have some gorgeous floral printed two-pieces and dresses. No costumes yet, so you'll have to stick to the Wonder Woman Brush Set, if you want to get your character fix.

You'll also be able to save a little bit of money the first time that you shop. According to the website, you can enter the code WELCOME!% to get 15 percent off your first purchase from the site. There's also free worldwide shipping, so you can save some money there too. Basically, this brand really wants you to shop from them.

Whether you're looking for some great brushes or just something new and fresh for spring, this brand has you covered. If nothing else, you'll be able to spread a little girl power with every blend of the eyeshadow and flick of the highlight.