Billie Lourd Remembers Her Mother & Grandmother

by Allie Gemmill
Ethan Miller/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Billie Lourd has finally broken her silence on social media following the tragic and untimely deaths of her mother, Carrie Fisher, and her grandmother, Debbie Reynolds. Lourd paid tribute to Fisher and Reynolds on Instagram, posting a beautiful throwback to her younger years. Lourd captioned the photo of happier times with a sweet statement:

Receiving all of your prayers and kind words over the past week has given me strength during a time I thought strength could not exist. There are no words to express how much I will miss my Abadaba and my one and only Momby. Your love and support means the world to me.

Lourd included two black heart emojis with a family emoji in the middle, indicating that while she is posting again, she is still healing from these events. Of course, no one expects Lourd to have fully recovered from this incredible and heartbreaking loss. Fisher passed away on Dec. 27, after suffering a massive cardiac event. Reynolds died shortly after Fisher, after collapsing while planning her daughter's funeral mere hours after Fisher's death.

Lourd's tribute to her mother and grandmother is absolutely perfect. Seeing the three of them together in earlier times, all smiling and cozy, is an intimate and tender moment to be let in on. While Lourd wasn't required to post anything about the passing of Fisher and Reynolds, it is certainly heartwarming that she did.

The loss of these two iconic and important women has left many fans in a state of shock and grief; clearly, Reynolds and Fisher had a profound impact on the lives of others. Additionally, fans have voiced their thoughts for Lourd during this time and have flooded her Instagram account and Twitter with nothing but prayers and kind wishes. It's a truly wondrous outpouring to behold.

Comments on Lourd's Instagram tribute alone are enough to break your heart. Ranging from a simple, "I love you," to "Stay strong, Billie," it would appear there is near universal support for Lourd during this woe-ridden time. Many of us may not know Lourd personally, but we have at least some sense of the amount of grief she may be experiencing.

Stay strong, Billie Lourd. We're here for you.