Billie Lourd Went Grey For Summer & She'll Inspire You To Try The Same

Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The summertime usually inspires warm tones in all things beauty related — from colorful makeup palettes, pastel hued hair trends, and cheerfully colored clothes. But Billie Lourd's new hair decided to go against the grain, and the former Scream Queens star decided to go icy just in time for the hot weather. Specifically, Lourd traded in her signature blonde locks for a cool blend of silver tinted with blue. It's a huge change from her usual golden look, but summer is perfect for experimenting after all.

"Her final shade sits in between smoky gray ombre and icy silver — starting out slightly darker at the root and transitioning into an practically-white, pale gray," Teen Vogue reported. It's a fun shade because it's not just one solid color. The look has layers and it experiences a fun gradient shift from smoky gray to silver ice. Her caption for the Instagram debut was perfect, where she chose a few snowflakes and simply said #winteriscoming. Definitely accurate.

But there is another hint in the caption, where it suggests this icy summer makeover wasn't completely Lourd's doing. She also tagged American Horror Story and its creator Ryan Murphy in the post. Lourd is going to have a role in the next season, and Murphy confirmed this when he regrammed her photo and wrote in the caption, "Winter is coming. Can't wait for everybody to see what the incredible Billie Lourd does this season on AHS."

American Horror Story is going to be entering its seventh season, and seeing how it has already been confirmed by Murphy that its theme will revolve around the 2016 elections, it's curious to see how icy silver hair is going to factor into that. It's obviously a pivotal part to the character, so let the wild speculation begin.

Even though Lourd changed her locks for a role, this transformation during the summer season opens up the doors to more out-of-the-box shades during the balmier weather. Go dark if you want to, go icy if you want to, use toasty autumn shades — it's all open to you! All that matters is that it makes you happy.