Billie Lourd's Reaction To Carrie Fisher's Grammy Win Will Make You Tear Up In The Best Way

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One celebrity is opting out of the fancy Grammys red carpet to celebrate the big night at home. After all, it's what her legendary mom would've wanted. Billie Lourd honored Carrie Fisher's first Grammys win for her memoir The Princess Diarist in such a sweet way. The night was already so special for Lourd and her family, since her late mom Carrie Fisher was nominated for her second Grammy ever. It's heartbreaking that, nearly a year after her untimely death, Fisher isn't at the show to accept the award. But, luckily, her daughter is celebrating and taking in the accomplishment on her behalf.

Fisher's audiobook took the 2018 Grammy for Best Spoken Word Album. Shortly after the announcement, her 25-year-old daughter took to Instagram to post a sweet throwback photo of the two with the following caption:

"Princess Diarist was the last profesh(ish) thing my momby and I got to do together. I wish she was here to carry me down the red carpet in some bizarre floral ensemble but instead we’ll celebrate in true Carrie style: in bed in front of the TV over cold Coca Colas and warm e cigs. I’m beyond proud."

Besides, who needs the red carpet when you can be comfy at home with cold Coca Colas, reliving amazing life memories?

Fisher's memoir, written in 2016, was inspired by diary entries the actor wrote while shooting the iconic Star Wars in 1977. The "intimate, hilarious, and revealing" book (in which Fisher details her love affair with co-star Harrison Ford) was released just five weeks before her death in December 2016. The memoir scored her a second Grammy nod after her autobiographical book, Wishful Drinking, was nominated in 2009.

But Fisher's first Grammys victory is particularly special for her daughter. Not only can she celebrate on her mom's behalf, but it's a win for her as well since she is featured on the audiobook and narrates a significant portion of it in addition to her mother. So not only does Lourd have this very special and intimate collaboration to remember her mother by, but she also has a shiny Grammy to add to the legacy. She's super proud of her mom, and it shows.

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In summer 2017, Lourd honored her late mom at Disney's D23 Expo in California by writing the most heart-wrenching acceptance speech for Fisher's Disney Legends Award honor. "She secretly always wanted to be a Disney princess, so getting to be a Disney princess and a Disney legend would have been her ultimate dream," she wrote. It's true: Princess Leia was a certified badass, and the real-life women of this family are as well.

Lourd has certainly followed her mom's footsteps with pride and love. She even made appearances alongside Fisher in Star Wars: The Force Awakens (2015) and The Last Jedi (2017) as Lieutenant Connix. Ultimately, the latter would become one of Fisher's last projects, and it was definitely one that honored her significant role as a woman in film and pop culture at large.

In a two-day span that rocked Hollywood to its core, Fisher's legendary mom (and Lourd's grandmother) Debbie Reynolds passed away just a day after her daughter. As unimaginably difficult as it's been for Billie Lourd, she continues to create great work and make both her mom and grandmother proud. Lourd crushed her starring role in American Horror Story: Cult in 2017 and stars alongside Ansel Elgort and Scream Queens co-star Emma Roberts in the upcoming drama Billionaire Boys Club.

She must miss her mom terribly, but, on this Grammys night, Billie Lourd has the support of thousands of loyal Star Wars fans who miss their Princess Leia and are cheering her and her victory on.