BirchBox Just Added A Major Brand Into Their Subscription Service

Subscription boxes are great for a few reason, but they're nothing without the incredible brands that they partner with. As the company didn't already have one of the top makeup mail services already, Birchbox has partnered with MAC Cosmetics. That's only the beginning of the excitement too. According to the brand, you'll be seeing a whole lot of fan-favorites in your upcoming box.

If you haven't already jumped on the Birchbox bandwagon yet, this is the perfect time. On top of the over 800 other beauty brands, the company will now offer MAC products in their subscription service. So don't be surprised if the products start popping up in your monthly boxes. No products are off limited, either. That means you'll see classics as well as new launching hit the site.

That's not the only exciting thing about the partnership, either. Because the two have joined beauty forces, MAC products will be available to shop through the Birchbox website as well. It's just like shopping through any other site, but you'll be allowed to use your points towards purchases. Think: your favorite products for less, because of all of your rewards points. I think it's safe to say that this is the collab you never knew you needed in your life.

According to the brand, the MAC products will start to be included in the May boxes. The company will start with the MAC Strobe Cream and False Lashes Mascara and slowly start to add more as the year goes on. The press release says that this is only the beginning of even more beauty partnerships to come in 2017.

If you can't wait until your next box to get your hands on the products, then you're in luck. The Birchbox Shop is stocked full of a full assortment of MAC products right now. That even includes the brand's new Next To Nothing Face Contour, but it's currently sold out on the website. So to say that people are excited about this launch is an understatement.

For just $10 a month, you can stock up on MAC products and so much more. That's pretty impressive considering that they're a high-end brand. Bottom line: you need Birchbox in your life.