This Unicorn Lipstick Will Be Your New Favorite Lippie — If You Can Get Your Hands On It

The unicorn beauty trend dominated 2017, and it's not fading into the rearview for 2018. Bite Beauty's Unicorn Pearl Lipstick shade has arrived. The transformative pearl shade can be worn on its own or layered over top your favorite Bite lipstick or beyond, adding a metallic pearl finish. Bite also confirmed in a post on its official Instagram that the lippie boasts a shimmer element that transforms from blue to pink in light, so it also has that hot holographic quality.

Unicorn Pearl is a limited edition shade, and procuring a tube is not as easy as cruising over to your local Sephora and throwing down your credit card. Currently, it is only available through Jan. 2 via the Lip Lab by Bite. That means you have to make an appointment for Lip Lab's Custom Service.

The Bite Lip Labs exist in three major cities — Toronto, San Francisco, and New York. So if you live in any of those metropolises or have plans to travel to one of them before Jan. 2, well, you are in luck. And you might want to book an appointment ASAP!

The fact that the Unicorn Pearl lipstick is a bit labor-intensive to obtain certainly ups the desire factor.

Lip toppers, which are basically like lip glosses designed to be swiped over matte lipsticks or otherwise, were a big trend in 2017. Transformers were also a major trend, like Kat Von D's Alchemist Palette, which could be paired with eyeshadows or lipsticks.

Clearly, the Unicorn Pearl lippie mashes up several recent beauty trends in a single tube that you can rock on New Year's Eve and after.

Of course the Internet has plenty of opinions about this custom and intergalactic Unicorn lippie, and wasn't shy about expressing those thoughts.

Here is a sampling of the reactions to the latest entry into the Unicorn Beauty sweepstakes, which has featured everything from Lime Crime's vegan hair dyes to the Tarte's makeup brushes with horn handles to Wet N Wild's highlighters and more.

Bite confirmed that the Unicorn lippie is available until Jan. 2 in the comments where users were feeling its prettiness.

There's a lot going on in this selection of comments, including a lot of love. But some makeupistas were bummed about the incredibly limited availability of a limited edition product because they want Bite to take their money.

We can't blame them, since this transformative lippie helps you get the most out of other products by allowing them to shift how they look when applied. This lippie lets you have fun with both the art and science of makeup.

This sampling of comments sums up so many of the feels. Some users are making plans to nab a Uni lippie. Others are asking questions and making requests that could cause Bite Beauty to change its course of action and perhaps add this to Sephora shelves for a limited time — or even make it a permanent offering.

We can dream, can't we?