Blac Chyna's Response To The Six Flags Fight Says She Was Protecting Her Kids

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On April 1, Blac Chyna was apparently involved in an altercation at Six Flags Magic Mountain park in California. The incident made waves on social media after videos emerged from the event. Now, as People reports, Blac Chyna has responded to the Six Flags incident and released a statement about it on social media. In her post, which she released via her Instagram story, the reality star got real about the dramatic situation.

Chyna first opened up about the struggles that come from being in the public eye. She also mentioned what she claims led to the incident in the first place. She wrote, "Being famous is hard enough dealing with scrutiny but when someone feels comfortable to come and touch your child it's a whole other story."

She then shared the immense respect that she has for mothers everywhere who will do anything to protect their children. Chyna also said that, despite what the occurred at Six Flags, she does not condone violence. The reality star wrote, "I do not condone violence nor am I a violent person but shout out to all of the amazing mothers out there that will protect their children at all cost." She signed off her statement with, "Love, King and Dreams Mommy."

Blac Chyna/Instagram

What was this incident in the first place, though? Well, in a video posted on April 1 by a Twitter user named Angie, Chyna could be seen arguing with an unidentified person at a Six Flags theme park in California. During the argument, the altercation appeared to become physical as Chyna swung a child's pink toy stroller around. It should be noted that neither Dream nor King Cairo, Chyna's children, were seen in any videos from the event.

The altercation eventually broke up, as seen in one of Angie's videos, after a large number of patrons, and security, gathered around Chyna and the others involved in the situation. Based on Chyna's statement, it was all because she was trying to defend one of her children.

A spokesperson for Six Flags confirmed that an altercation took place in a statement to E! News; although they did not name anyone involved. "Last evening, a verbal and physical altercation broke out among two visiting groups," the statement reads. "Our security department responded immediately and both groups were escorted out of the park. The safety and security of our guests and employees is our top priority and we have zero tolerance for this type of behavior."

Prior to this incident, it seemed as though Chyna was enjoying some family time with her kids. On April 2, a day after the incident took place, Chyna posted a couple of different snaps of her Dream and King. In one photo, her kids were all smiles and having a great time. The Rob & Chyna star captioned the snap, "All love." In a short video she posted, which was taken at the theme park, Dream and King could be seen in an adorable embrace.

Chyna has always made clear that her kids come first, no matter what. She has also expressed before how much King and Dream mean to her. In an interview with Us Weekly, she told the magazine that Dream, then eight months old, was a really happy kid (and was already jamming along to some tunes). "She’s a really, really happy baby, and that’s what it’s really all about — that my kids are happy, that they’re in a safe environment and they love me and I love them," she told the publication.

If you take a quick glance at Chyna's social media, you'll notice that the reality star loves spend time with her kids. On Feb. 17, she posted a couple of selfies with Dream and King each as they got ready for a movie night together. On Halloween in October 2017, the family donned matching skeleton outfits for the holiday.

As of right now, Chyna has not followed up on her Instagram statement about the recent Six Flags incident or discussed any further details about it. Bustle has reached out to Chyna for further statement, but did not receive a response at the time of publication.