Black Christmas Trees Are Trending This Year & It's A True Mood


You might be familiar with the classic Christmas colors, red and green. They're typically associated with adjectives like jolly and merry. But according to recent trends, Christmas this year is more of a ~mood~. Black Christmas Trees are trending and I am here to deck the halls with black ornaments and wreaths and jingle bells. The holiday has never been chicer.

Home shopping site told Good Morning America that searches for black Christmas trees are up 70 percent. While the unusual color choice for the traditional holiday may seem unwelcoming, it's quite the opposite. A black Christmas tree, obviously not natural and therefore artificial, won't ever die. You don't have to toss it at the end of the season and you don't have to crawl under pine to water it. Because a Christmas tree, as wonderful as the real thing is, is basically a temporary house plant you're responsible for keeping alive.

The black Christmas tree is a license to get creative and invites new tradition to the living room. And it's bound to really make your ornaments pop. Or, if simplicity is more your vibe, you can literally keep things black and white. Or, if you want to incorporate Halloween into the mix for a very Nightmare Before Christmas theme, there is no better option.

The trend is no new fad. A sift through Pinterest shows plenty of decorating advice for a black Christmas tree. You can keep it sleek, make it spooky or even — as one Pin suggests — dress it up as Darth Vader. The possibilities are endless and creativity is encouraged. No matter what your holiday ~mood~ is, there's a way to accomplish that with the out of ordinary Christmas tree.

And customers love this new hue. Treetopia, an online retailer of the Pitch Black Pine, has glowing reviews of the tree. One reviewer boasts, "This black tree is very full. It hides the green wire of Christmas lights too. The black accents all the trimmings. I knew it would be unique, but I didn't know it would be the perfect tree for my family." The Pitch Black Pine comes as tall as 9' and as short as 6'. But the trees are available for purchase around the internet.

You might not be able to chop down a black Christmas tree, or pick one out to strap to the top of your station wagon, but you can order one in your pajamas. Which sounds pretty ideal to me. Stay in your Christmas jammies and have a tree overnighted to your house without having to wrestle a grand Pine off your car's roof and into your living room. Treetopia, Walmart and Wayfair all supply black Christmas trees at various shapes and sizes so you can shop for your perfect tree ~online~.

Prices range from $39 to $479, but can you really put a price tag on holiday cheer? Especially when it's twinkling in all of its black, chic glory? I think not. Especially if it lasts you for many more merry years together.

It might be a ~mood~ but it's not necessarily a bad one. Jolly isn't reserved for red and green. This year you can count on rocking around a black Christmas tree.