Blake Lively & Ryan Reynolds' Reaction To Hearing "Gorgeous" Live Is Parent Goals

by Mary Kate McGrath
Michael Loccisano/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Taylor Swift has a ton of super fans, but nobody has a better reason to celebrate the singer's new album than Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds. The couple's daughter, James, is featured on the track "Gorgeous", and Lively and Reynolds attended a Taylor Swift concert at the Gillette Stadium in Massachusetts in order to support their friend and hear their three-year-old's voice featured on the song live. And no, their reaction to hearing James' voice on "Gorgeous" did not disappoint.

On Saturday, the couple was spotted at one of Swift's Reputation tour dates, and fans captured their sweet reaction during "Gorgeous." In a video taken by concert attendee Sofia Jain (@avocadoswifts), Lively can be seen filming the concert on her phone while Reynolds watches. When Swift told the crowd the next song would be "Gorgeous," Lively and Reynolds both start screaming and jumping up and down in excitement. It's clear they're such proud parents, and couldn't help but show this much enthusiasm when the song was announced.

According to People, the couple was seated in a VIP section alongside Gigi Hadid, who has attended several of the singer's recent performances. Lively and Reynolds were both seen dancing and singing along to many of the pop star's songs, but they seemed to save a lot of their biggest reaction for their daughter's musical moment. Jain captured their adorable reaction at the start of "Gorgeous," and posted the video to Twitter. The Twitter user, whose handle is @avocadoswifts, captioned the post: "BLAKE AND RYAN ARE SO CUTE REACTING TO GORGEOUS".

When "Gorgeous" dropped, there was plenty of speculation over who the baby voice belonged to. The Reputation album booklet confirmed the credit, reading: "Baby intro voice by James Reynolds." According to People, a select number of fans heard the story during one of the "secret sessions" hosted before the album release. The couple and their daughters, James and Inez, were reportedly at the beach with Swift, who played an early version of the song for them. James kept saying "Gorgeous," and Swift asked if she could use the sound bite in the song.

True Swift detectives might have figured the cameo out early as well. When Swift posted a preview of the track on Instagram back in October of 2017, Reynolds and Lively both liked the post. Fans figured out that the couple might have something to do with the song's intro, and the rumor was soon confirmed.

Swift and Lively have been friends for a long time. In 2015, they posted about their friendship for the first time after spending the day together in Australia. Later that year, Lively and Reynolds spent the 4th of July at the singer's Rhode Island estate, and photos from the event went viral.

The two actors have remained close with the singer in recent years. On Halloween, Swift borrowed a Deadpool costume from Ryan Reynolds, and she featured Lively and Reynolds' names in her video for "Look What You Made Me Do". The singer is briefly seen in the music video wearing a shirt with the names of her squad members, and sure enough, "Blake and Ryan" can be spotted written on the shirt.

It's clear that Lively and Ryan are still huge fans of Swift, and were spotted by fans cheering throughout the singer's recent performance in Boston. However, the couple saved an extra bit of excitement for their daughter's cameo, and their reaction shows just how proud these parents are.