Twitter Is Having Fun With Blue Ivy's Freestyle Rap

by S. Atkinson
Christopher Polk/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

According to Twitter, the newest hot talent in rap is just 5-years-old. Blue Ivy's rap debut "Blue Freestyle/We Family" has charmed the world, so who can blame the Internet for promptly losing its mind and fabricating as many Blue Ivy memes and tweets as is humanly possible? As the offspring of two of the biggest names in music, it would have been unexpected if her efforts had been met with anything besides applause. That said, her self-assurance on the track, recorded at an age when many readers' side-projects may have been restricted to chewing their own feet and playing with their Barbie dream house, is pretty impressive.

So why are listeners getting this track now? As Consequence of Sound has reported, JAY-Z lifted Tidal exclusivity on 4:44 on Friday, July 7, and with the album’s physical release came three bonus tracks, including this one. While publications like Complex have noted the fact that Blue Ivy doesn't rap clearly on the album and observed that, as such, some of the lyrics to "Blue Freestyle/We Family" are hard to work, at least according to social media, they're in the minority. Because Twitter has already declared that Shawn Carter's daughter is the one of the greatest rappers of all time.

1. The Next Generation Of Big-Name Rappers

In mid June, the American hip hop publication giant made some educated guesses as to who the next big rappers will be by talking to “everyone we possibly can.” But while Kamaiyah, A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie, and the like are hotly hyped, XXL totally spaced on the one compelling new talent everyone’s talking about (though to be fair, this was weeks before the world got to hear Blue Ivy’s undeniable talent). Thank goodness @Power1051 has corrected the original XXL 10th anniversary freshman issue cover.

2. Because According To Twitter, Even Nicki Minaj Is Scared

Blue’s young, she’s well-connected, and she’s got a totally unique style. If it’s true, how could you blame Minaj?

3. In Fact, Nicki Minaj Should Take Notes

That’s a big statement, given how Minaj has won everything from the Best New Artist at the BET Awards in 2010 to the American Music Award for Favorite Rap/Hip-Hop Artist in 2015. If Twitter thinks the 34-year-old needs to take notes from someone who hasn’t hit puberty yet, that says something big about how well they think the child performs.

4. Because She’s The Queen Of Mumble Rap

Forget her being indistinct because she’s five years old. As @Yoh31 puts it, maybe this is on purpose because she’s a mumble rap star. And why not? With proponents like Wiz Khalifa (who coined the term in a 2016 Billboard interview, stating “We call it mumble rap. It ain't no disrespect to the lil homies, they don't want to rap. It's cool for now; it's going to evolve.”), Future, and Young Thug, it’s so very hot right now.

5. Because Some People Think She Should Be The Next President

After a Twitter user by the name of Makenna published a photo of herself scrubbing graffiti off the defaced Hollywood star of Donald Trump with the caption “Nothing but respect for my president,” social media users began replicating the tweet with their own psychic variations on “my president” — from Meryl Streep to Shrek to Danny DeVito. Now, Blue gets her own variation on the tweet, despite not actually having a Hollywood star.

6. Because Talent Recognizes Talent

Given DJ Khaled’s penchant for backing (very) young talent, as we saw when he gave his son Asahd Tuck Khaled an executive producer credit for his album Grateful, it would be downright bewildering if the musician didn’t reach out to Blue Ivy for his next record.

7. Because JAY-Z + Beyoncé = Rap AND Dance Prowess

Both of Blue Ivy’s parents are intensely talented. But imagine the only possible person more talented than either of them: a musician who combines both of their strengths.

8. Because These Are Some Resonant Lyrics

No wonder the internet is, as the kids say, shooketh. With lyrics that manage to be both cryptic and applicable to any situation, this is going to be the meme that keeps giving.

9. It’s OK That They Don’t Totally Make Sense

As with JAY-Z’s “N*ggas in Paris,” which sampled the off-beat lines from Will Ferrell’s Blades Of Glory, now too with his daughter’s rap.

10. It's Time For A Bold New Law

Doesn’t make sense? Who cares? It’s catchy and Beyoncé’s daughter said it.

11. Even Meme!DJ Khaled Is Feeling Threatened

Who knew 2017 would be dominated by the breathtaking talent of the under six set? It’s not about enrolling your kid in the hottest kindergarten; it’s about rushing to record their first album.

12. She’s Breaking Ceilings, Left, Right, And Center

“Never seen a ceiling in my whole life,” the prodigy raps. Maybe that’s about the opportunities that open to you when you’re growing up as a girl in 2017, but, then again, that’s surely got to be a nod to all those sky-high ceilings in the Carter mansion.

13. Because In Conclusion


Given the CIA-level secrecy with which the birth of Beyoncé’s twins was guarded, it may seem a little counterintuitive that JAY-Z’s latest album pushes his eldest (but still not very old) daughter squarely into the spotlight. Still, given Beyoncé’s backing vocals on “Family Feud,” and the deeply personal themes of 4:44, it’s clear JAY-Z latest record was always intended as a family affair — and Blue’s rap just confirms it. Surely that's worth a boom shakalaka.