Bow Brows Are The Newest Brow Trend & Things Are Getting So Weird

@beautylizs/ Instagram

If you're looking to make a statement with your makeup, then the new brow bows trend just might be the right fit for you. They brows are outlandish, creative, and just the right amount of impractical to get your creative juices going. They're exactly what they sound like: Your brows turned into looping bows that act like a gift topper above your eyes.

Now granted, this might not be a makeup trend that we will soon see take over the streets like purple lipstick or cut creases have. No one's trying to pretend that this is a normal go-to look for your off-duty style while running errands, or to add some personality to your business-casual outfit as you head to work. It's not like your barista will be rocking penciled-on ribbons above his eyes come next Monday, or you will see a woman stencil them on while she's riding the bus in the morning as she's commuting to work. But just because they won't become commonplace doesn't mean that they're not fun to play with.

The look was first spotted by PopSugar on German makeup artist Lisette Scheffler's Instagram page. A self-taught beauty enthusiast, Scheffler's account is full of creative eye looks, where she takes the "smokey eye" idea to the next level. Filled with mermaid-like gradient eyes and negative space eyeshadow looks, she is not afraid to get experimental. Which is how the brow bow trend was born.

"Since Brow trends became very popular the last weeks I thought about inventing my own brow trend. I hope you guys like it!" she wrote in her caption. Out-of-the-box brow trends have been taking over social media the past year, where makeup artists and beauty enthusiasts alike have decided to flex their creativity through the use of their arches. From high heel brows to barbed wire brows, it's been a wild ride.

And for Scheffler, when she looked in the mirror, she thought it would be fun to turn her arches into cartoon-like bows.

Unfortunately, a lot of people on her Instagram couldn't see he humor in the look, but that didn't bring Scheffler down. Instead, she turned the look into a meme, showing how it's meant to be funny and playful. "Since a lot of people can’t laugh over my bow brow look I wanted to share something funny with you," she wrote in her caption.

When asked about the controversy, Scheffler told PopSugar, "To be honest, I don't think anyone would leave the house like this, but one girl re-created my bow-brow look and told me that it was really funny. It's all about fun and creativity," she said.

If you want to have some fun of your own, all you will need is a brow pencil and some brow gel to recreate this look. Just take your favorite pencil and outline the shape of a bow above your arches, filling it in with short strokes, like you would your normal eyebrow. Once that's finished, use a brow gel to define the look. As you can see, it's not hard, and it will definitely get a laugh out of you once you're done.

While a lot of people shared that they were over the outlandish-eyebrows, just as many people jumped into the comments to defend Scheffler and encourage her creativity.

"I saw your post on one of the Facebook makeup pages and I was appalled at the negative comments," one follower wrote. "I think this is awesome. And I want to try this out now."

Remember: Makeup is just as much a tool for art and fun as it is for beauty. Let's not bring people down for having a little bit of fun.