This Beauty & The Beast Lipstick Set Is A Disney Lover's Fantasy

No matter how old you get, there's something irresistible about a Disney fairy tale. While some of us might have dressed up as our favorite heroines when we were little, doing that as a twenty-something might be slightly questionable. But while a tiara is no longer a viable option for a Wednesday, there are more grown up ways to show your love for the Disney classics. And makeup is one of those ways. That's where BoxLunch's Beauty and the Beast Liquid Lipstick Collection comes in.

Rather than stepping outside in a blue dress and apron, you can instead step outside wearing makeup inspired by one of your favorite classic stories. If you have always had a soft spot for bookish Belle and the rough-around-the-edges Beast, then this line will make you all sentimental. Featuring three matte liquid lipsticks, both the names and product designs will appeal to your fairy tale loving heart. They're encased in tubes that are topped with rose buds, making them look like the enchanted rose in the tale.

But that's not all. The names of the lippies are just as fun as the design.

"This trio of liquid matte lipsticks is the perfect gift for the bookish beauty in your life," the product description reads. "This set includes Bonjour (a true red), Spellbound (a dark nude), and Enchanted (a light nude)."

Disney Beauty And The Beast Belle's Matte Liquid Lip Collection, $14.90, BoxLunch

"Bonjour" makes you think of the provincial French town Belle couldn't wait to get out of, while also reminding you of the bright red that seems so typical for chic French women. "Spellbound" is a dark nude that makes you think of the bittersweet spell put over the castle, where the curse was a little bit dark, but also a little bit beneficial. Then "Enchanted" is a lighter, more pink nude, and it makes you think of the happy ending for the two main characters — and for the whole castle.

The set sells for only $14.90 — making it the perfect stocking stuffer — but unfortunately it's sold out at the moment. Seeing how cheap it is, one can't be too shocked. But if you check back, you might just be able to nab it in time for the holidays. In the meantime, below are some other Disney products from BoxLunch that just might catch your interest.


Flounder Makeup Bag

Danielle Nicole Disney The Little Mermaid Flounder Makeup Bag, $30, BoxLunch

Make your makeup routine all the more fun with the addition of Flounder in it, Ariel's trusty best friend and sidekick. This makeup bag is adorable because not only is it three-dimensional, but it's also glittery.


Sleeping Beauty Mini Fragrances

Disney Sleeping Beauty Aurora Awakened Mini Fragrance, $11, BoxLunch

Named "Awaken," this perfume is meant to "awaken your sense of smell with this sweet fragrance from Disney." The scent is inspired by Aurora, with top notes of apple, watermelon and lemon, which blend with mid notes of frangipani, ylang-ylang, rose, and freesia. To make sure it doesn't smell too sweet, those floral, fruity notes are laced with woody based notes, mixing with musk and amber.


Snow White Blush

Besame Cosmetics Disney Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs With A Smile And A Song Cream Rouge, $20, BoxLunch

To celebrate the 80 anniversary of Snow White, Besame Cosmetics joined forces with Disney to create a limited-edition collection, inspired by the original artwork and color palette of the Disney classic.

The "color palette" bit is especially exciting, where Besame underwent extensive research to painstakingly match the colors from the original 1937 film, and transfer them to this makeup collection. It's like getting to experience the movie, but through a whole new medium.

This particular blush piece was "inspired by the rosy, wholesome glow of Snow White as she sings one of the film’s sweetest musical compositions," and it can be used both on your cheeks and lips. It's a bendable cream blush with a velvety finish, and it's packaged in a fun collectible tin.

From matte lipsticks to 1930's inspired blush, you just can't go wrong.