'GoT' Just Had Another Stark Reunion

Helen Sloan/HBO

Guys, how long have fans waited for the Starks to even slightly reunite on Game of Thrones? Sunday night, while Jon Snow was off meeting Daenerys Targaryen (and making our dreams come true), another Stark brother finally showed up at Winterfell — Bran reunited with his sister Sansa on Game of Thrones. It was truly an emotional moment for this long suffering clan. It also was a little sad because so much has changed for the pair; they're not the same people at all anymore.

After all, Bran is now the Three-Eyed Raven, a title that Sansa was super confused over (girl, same), and Sansa is basically second in command of the North. She is Jon's right hand lady and up until this point, she has seen things that no one can truly imagine enduring. She was handed from Joffrey to Ramsay and was brutalized all the way through. When she and Bran sat together under the Weirwood trees to talk about all of the things that have been going on since they have been apart, there was a pretty heavy disconnect on Bran's part.

Things got even more uncomfortable when Bran went all magical (and mean) on Sansa and told her how beautiful she looked on her wedding night. You know, the one where she was forced to marry the monstrous Ramsay and was subsequently raped by him for the first time. The look on her face (and mine) was one of horror and complete shock because, why the hell did her brother just relive that moment for her? She cut the conversation short right then and there and Bran just looked on, emotionless. It was actually pretty disturbing.

Unfortunately, Bran's new role as the Three-Eyed Raven has turned him from a normal dude into a seriously robotic soothsayer. Sansa has also had all of her childhood innocence ripped away from her after her long journey through the seventh ring of hell and back. The two of them together again brought some relief, since it was a long time coming, but it also opened up some more trouble for the Stark family, in my opinion.

Sansa has been giving some pretty intense glances in the way of Littlefinger whenever she goes against Jon in public, which makes me think that something sinister may be brewing there. With Bran around, things may get even more complicated in that arena because I am sure that she thought he was gone for good. Place on top of that the fact that Bran likely plays a huge role in the impending White Walker invasion and there is a lot more drama to be had between this family.

The poor Stark clan, they just can't catch a real break. Hopefully Arya shows up soon and brings some relief to the table.