Brennley Brown Is In The Top 12 On 'The Voice'

by Allie Gemmill
Tyler Golden/NBC

She's quickly emerging as one of the most beloved contenders on Season 12 of The Voice and she's only 15 years old. I don't know about you, but I didn't have half of the talents that she had when I was her age. I'm talking, of course, about The Voice's Brennley Brown, whose Playoffs country song was yet again the right choice for her in every way. In a stunning performance, where she accompanied herself on the guitar, Brown reminded us why she was leading the pack on Team Gwen.

Coach Gwen Stefani has made it clear from the get-go she's wanted a young, cool female singer that is full of the kind of potential that makes a winner on The Voice. Brown has been full of that kind of cool and that kind of potential; there's hardly anyone who would doubt you on that matter. After a performance during Knockouts that was deemed "Grammy-level" by the judges, Brown stuck to the winning formula of country music and her predisposition to sing ballads in order to secure yet another big win during Playoffs.

In rehearsals, Brown and Stefani were excited to get to work on Brown's song, "Fly" by Maddie & Tae. Brown stated that this was exactly the right song for her at this stage in the competition because she felt like she was ready to fly upwards in the competition. Luckily, she has also loved this song since its release a few years ago, so her personal connection and knowledge of the song was a big asset.

During rehearsals, Stefani privately noted that if Brown could keep tapping in, emotionally, to the song then she would have the power to go all the way. With Brown in person, she kept urging her to bring the emotion forth as she is so good at doing, but make sure she was telling the story in "Fly," rather than feeling it lest the emotion overtake her. That girl power connection was so present, too, because it seemed the Stefani was giving all of her excitement and confidence in the performance Brown was turning in ahead of Playoffs.

That excitement must have been the good luck charm Brown needed on Tuesday night. Calm, steady, and balanced, Brown's rendition of "Fly" was amazing. She had no discernible issues with the quality or power of her voice. She took Stefani's note to tell the story rather than feel it. In the end, Brown was sent on to the Top 12 and I don't think it's any secret that her pure talent made that happen.