Feminist Memes & Tweets About Trumpcare

After the House passed Trumpcare, or the American Health Care Act, on Thursday, May 4, many took to the internet to express their thoughts on the horrific realities that come with this new health care bill. In particular, people have brought to Twitter some brilliant — yet dark — feminist memes and tweets about Trumpcare. Some of them are taking action, some of them are reacting with images, but they all have one thing in common: the message that this just isn't right.

Although most people look for humor in the darkest of situations, there's not a lot of humor to be found here. It seems many are understanding the weight of what is happening, and it's hard to make jokes about something that is so serious. Millions of Americans will lose their access to health care. People with pre-existing conditions will not get the coverage they deserve. Those who are rich will experience serious tax cuts, while those who are not will pay the toll. I admit, I found myself crying at my desk sifting through these reactions on Twitter.

So these reactions are a collection of actions and moments of despair. So if you have a Twitter and are looking for the right thing to say, then retweet away.