Pop Legends Britney Spears & Mariah Carey Just Blessed Us With The Instagram Proof Of Their Reunion

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Mariah Carey might have selective memory when it comes to which female pop stars she knows and doesn't, but there's one she can't deny knowing: Britney Spears. That's because Spears and Carey reunited at a dinner party and the photo evidence was posted on the former's Instagram. "You never know who you’re going to meet at dinner parties!!," Spears captioned the shot, which shows the two looking pretty chummy. Now fans are already hoping this happenstance meeting means Spears and Carey are working on new music together.

It's hard to believe that one room could contain so much pop goodness, which is why fans on Twitter went crazy. "@britneyspears and @MariahCarey reunited at a dinner party," one fan tweeted. "Who was at the head of the table? Jesus?" Another person wrote, "The way my wig rocketed into the stratosphere......LEGENDS!!!!" While someone else joked, "INVITE LINDSAY LOHAN." Cade, can we get on that please? (For those wondering, Billboard reported that "Cade" is Spears' friend and publicist Cade Hudson, who clearly throws legendary dinner parties.)

Other members of the Lambily and Britney Army just couldn't handle all the musical possibilities of this one photo — particularly that it could lead to a killer pop song. One person even used some NSFW language and all-caps to send Carey and Spears a little message: "F*CKING LEGENDS COLLAB PLEASE." How about next time we get these two to meet in the studio?

Despite the caption, this is not the first time Spears and Carey have actually met. The two crossed paths back in 1999, and there's a photo of the meeting that fans couldn't help but dig up for nostalgia's sake. It should be noted that, despite it being nearly 20 years ago this flashback photo looks pretty similar to their latest Insta: Both are wearing black and Spears is still leaning in. Despite being a legend in her own right — as one person on Twitter noted, "4 diamond albums in one picture Oh yes we stan!!" — Spears is a fangirl just like us, always and forever.

Of course, it's possible neither Spears and Carey remember that 1999 meeting since they both have a history of forgetting that kind of thing. Just ask Jennifer Lopez. For years, Carey has said "I don't know her" in reference to J. Lo, despite the fact that we all know she does. Lopez even told Wendy Williams last year that Carey “is forgetful, I guess... we’ve met many times."

Carey mirrored that response, telling Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live! that she is forgetful, but she's also not going to pretend like she really "knows" Lopez. “I don’t know her, what am I supposed to say?" she said. "I’m not going to put on a thing, ‘Oh, we’re all Hollywood, let’s all just pretend we’re best friends because we’re in that land.’” Even though Carey's explanation makes sense, it hasn't stopped people from giving her infamous line meme status.

Spears' forgetfulness is not as meme-worthy, but it's pretty funny without her even trying. Spears didn't remember meeting Justin Bieber when he was just 16, but she would later ask an Australian radio station, "Didn’t he, like, expose himself? That was insane." She would also forget meeting Taylor Swift at the 2008 VMAs and unknowingly get herself mixed up in Swift's feud with Katy Perry when she didn't chose the "California Gurl" as the pop star she'd prefer to sit next to on a 24-hour flight. "Maybe because I’ve met Katy Perry," she said. "I would say Taylor Swift, because I've never met her before.”

But there is one person Carey hasn't forgotten: Britney Spears. Over the years, Carey has only had nice things to say about the pop star. "I love Britney Spears,” she told Cohen on WWHL last year, and one reason is because Spears admitted that she likes to paint nude to Carey's music. After learning this, Carey tweeted, "hahaha! @britneyspears's the best!"

What would be even better than this iconic photo would be if Spears and Carey made a new song together. Let's keep reminding them of that.