The 7 Grossest Moments From 'Broad City' Season 4 Will Make You Laugh Through Your Disgust

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Spoilers ahead for Season 4 Episode 8 of Broad City.

Abbi and Ilana get a taste of the sweet life in "House-Sitting," yet, even at Oliver's house full of nice things, the Broad City women are just as hilariously gross as ever. While gross-out humor will never be regarded as classy, there's something to be said for equal-opportunity crass behavior. Sure, flatulence jokes will forever fall under the lowbrow category of "toilet humor," but Broad City uses bodily functions as part of the plot and to make points — not just to induce laughs from an immature audience. So after the crude but ingenious gags in "House-Sitting," it's time to pay homage to the grossest moments of Broad City Season 4 so far.

Broad City has never shied away from depicting the bodily functions that plague all humans, like when Abbi clogged the toilet while her crush Jeremy was at her apartment in Season 1. And that hasn't changed even with Abbi and Ilana growing up the tiniest bit in Season 4. Because although Abbi claims that they are having an "adults-only soirée" in "House-Sitting," the evening is full of the antics that you've come to expect from Broad City. And no amount of implied growth (if you could call relocating to New York City mansions or hanging out with old high school teachers growth) can change the fact that the human body does weird things — and that those weird things are funny.

Since you'll be thinking of Abbi and Ilana next time you see a bidet, here are the best gross moments of Broad City Season 4.

1. Trey's Broken Penis

Abbi and Trey had been on the outs since he heard her disparaging him to Ilana in Season 3, but they reunited sexually in "Twaining Day," thanks to Shania Twain. However, their tryst ended when Trey got a penile fracture as Twain serenaded them with "You're Still The One." And in case you were wondering if you can get a penile fracture during sex, let the Mayo Clinic confirm: "If an engorged penis is bent suddenly or forcefully, the trauma can rupture the lining of one of the two cylinders in the penis (corpus cavernosum) responsible for erections — resulting in a penis fracture." The more you know!

2. Jaime's Yeast Infection

There's just something about yeast infections that will always make them gross, but it was downright enlightening to discover that men can also get yeast infections, another factoid confirmed by the Mayo Clinic. Jaime had a yeast infection on his penis in "Just The Tips," and he admitted that he's more prone to them because his penis is uncircumcised. These habitual yeast infections lead Jaime to get circumcised in "House-Sitting," which meant he couldn't let his penis get hard for more than two weeks so his stitches could heal. Ouch.

3. Ilana's Poop

Perhaps the grossest moment on Broad City to date came in "Just the Tips" when Ilana pooped in her newly purchased leotard due to her consumption of champagne, cheese, and cocaine. And she only made it worse by rubbing a bath towel down there, most likely getting feces in her vagina since she noted it had become a medical emergency. Lincoln was there for it all and even decided to date her again after this event, so he's officially a keeper.

4. Ilana's Sexual Reawakening

Ilana revealed in "Witches" that she hadn't been able to orgasm since Donald Trump became president, but a skilled sex therapist helped her regain her mojo. Watching Ilana masturbate isn't anything new or gross, but the fact that her sex therapist mentioned that she'll need to get her rugs cleaned from the massive amounts of liquid that Ilana's vagina released was a bold move even for Broad City. But hey, don't say Ilana didn't warn you: She called herself a "slutty slug" earlier in the episode.

5. Ilana's P*ssy Pot

While Ilana has put weed in "nature's pocket" before, "Florida" was the first time that viewers saw the weed that was in Ilana's vagina get smoked. Ilana's brother and mom were grossed out, but Fran Drescher's Aunt Bev was riding the high.

6. The Bidet

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Bidets are a mysterious thing — just ask Finn Wolfhard of Stranger Things. So who could blame Ilana and Abbi for making the most of having access to the fanciest bidet around in "House-Sitting"? Of course, when it came to selecting the settings on the bidet, the women's choices were perfectly in character: Ilana selected staccato, water slide, monsoon, and quiet storm while Abbi selected traditional and novice.

7. Ilana & Lincoln's Fart-Off

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When Ilana finally decided to commit to Lincoln, she celebrated by having a fart-off with him — à la a dance-off — since "farts are part of the total relationship package." Viewers could hear the farts, but they couldn't smell them — which is a good thing, since Lincoln was sure to note how terrible his were.

Although toilet humor has typically been attributed to men over the years, the women of Broad City continue to prove that finding humor in bodily functions knows no gender. After all, they are a pair of nasty women.