Bryan's Proposal Speech To Rachel On ‘The Bachelorette’ Will Make You Ugly Cry

There are so many things to look forward to every year when The Bachelorette season finale rolls around, but the most important part of the episode is always the proposal. On Monday night, not only did fans finally get to find out that Rachel Lindsay has chosen Bryan Abasolo to spend the rest of her life with (fingers crossed), but we also got to see him get down on one knee and pop the question — along with the sweetest speech. Bryan's proposal speech on The Bachelorette was so perfect, so of course, Rachel said yes.

After seeing the brutal way Rachel's relationship with Peter ended — both on the show and during their conversation in real time — we definitely needed something happy. And while nothing will make up for seeing their tearful goodbye, it was nice to see the happy ending we've all been waiting for.

Here's Bryan's speech, because it's totally worth remembering:

It's really sweet how Bryan took it all the way back to the first night they met, and he's totally right — watching the show, it was obvious that they hit it off from the moment they met. As it turns out, their first impression really did indicate a lot about their future relationship, because now, they're planning to spend the rest of their lives together.

And even though that proposal speech knocked it out of the park, of course Bryan proposed to Rachel again on the live show, too, not to be outdone by himself. Now comes the part where we all start looking forward to their wedding. Any plans yet, guys?