Bumble Is Launching Snapchat-Style Video Stories Called "BumbleVID" To Bring Your Dating Profile To Life In 10 Seconds


On swipe-based dating apps, it’s kind of hard to really stand out with the basic photos and About Me format. But if you’re a fan of Bumble, the dating app where women are given the power to make the first move in heterosexual matches, then get excited. They’re adding a new video option with a Snapchat-style twist. With Bumble's new feature, BumbleVID, you can can now create 10-second videos to help tell your story and bring your online dating profile back to life.

“We launched BumbleVID because we believe that video has the power to not only allow users to truly showcase their personalities and interests, but ultimately provides them with a safer overall experience,” Bumble’s VP of Brand, Alexandra Williamson, tells Bustle. “Now, our users will have a much deeper insight into whether or not someone is a great fit for them, as well as knowing that we’ve added yet another layer of security to verify profile authenticity.”

With BumbleVID, users can record 10-second videos directly onto the app. The vids will then post to your profile and can be viewed by anyone who happens to see your profile while swiping. Yes, anyone can see your videos, so be mindful about what you post.

According to Bumble, videos aren't only a great way to showcase your personality but they also serve as "a gateway into knowing someone's interests and lifestyle in real time." In addition to that, you can make things more personalized by drawing on your videos. Eventually Bumble is hoping to add other features like filters, location, and tagging.


Pre-recorded videos can also be uploaded, however, they need to have been taken in the last 24 hours and will be specially marked as not being “live.” If numbers matter to you, you’ll also be able to see how many people viewed your video and also who viewed them. Just like matches who you don't start conversations with, videos expire after 24 hours. So they pretty much disappear.

As Williamson mentions, BumbleVID is all part of the app’s efforts to limit the number of fakes and bring more authenticity to your online dating experience. The new feature will launch in the next few weeks and will only be available for people who are photo verified.

Other dating apps already incorporate Snapchat-style “stories", but the one thing Bumble has over those other options is that Bumble is already a hugely popular dating app among Millennials. It sounds like a great way to get more of a feel for who your matches are and could bring some much-needed life into the same old swipe-left, swipe-right game.