This Travel Company Wants You To Travel Europe For Three Months This Summer On Their Dime

You ever get the urge to just quit your job, drop everything, and go travel the world? Well, one travel company wants you to do just that ... and they want you to do it for free. Bus adventure company Busabout is hiring a “travel squad”, which will be made up of four people who are social media experts and passionate about travel. If that sounds like you and three of your friends, better start polishing up those resumes and apply for the four open positions.

According to their website, Busabout is assembling their “ultimate travel squad” with storytellers in four areas: Instagram, YouTube, blogging, and Snapchat/Insta stories. (Only one person per category, so you and your friends will have to designate your respective social expertise.) Their squad of travellers will be tasked with travelling Europe on a three-month summer vacation, documenting their experience on their designated social platform as they go.

The trip is all-expense paid by Busabout. Yes, as in YOU GET TO GO TO EUROPE FOR FREE. If selected, you’ll be flown out, where your travel itinerary and lodging will be planned out and paid for by the company. You’ll also receive a daily allowance to cover food and other miscellaneous expenses. In case a free European vacation isn’t enough of a perk in itself, travellers will also have the opportunity to be paid a “success fee,” which hinges on the person completing the Busabout’s travel documentation assignments throughout the trip.

Day one of the job — and I mean “job” in the absolute loosest sense — you’ll report to Paris. Yes, that Paris. You and your three travel companions will then explore a couple dozen different places in Europe, including major cities like Amsterdam, Rome, and Prague (better learn how to spell it first) as well as “hidden gems” like Lake Bled, Slovenia and San Sebastian, Spain. You’ll end by literally sailing for a week along the coast Croatia. You’d basically be living your Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants life to the fullest.

The trip is part of Busabout’s Hop-On Hop-Off European adventure. It combines guided tours with independent travel, covering 47 cities across the continent. People selected for the Ultimate Travel Squad will get the Hop-On Hop-Off experience during their three-month stint. While the job posting states participants will have a lot of creative freedom and time to independently roam the destinations, they’ll also have creative deliverables and deadlines as determined by the marketing team. (It is a “job,” after all.)

Aside from equally loving creative storytelling through social media and world travel, qualified applicants must apply in English, have a valid passport or visa, be over 18 years of age, and available to travel between late May and early September of this year.

Still sounds like you? You can apply through Busabout’s website by April 17.

For obvious reasons, these are pretty competitive positions. According to Cosmopolitan, there were 5,354 applicants for two open spots. Busabout selected brand ambassador Leanne Melody and video producer Jake Baine.

Melody tells Escape about earning the title “professional wanderer” through this position. “This trip marked the very beginning of my career path in travel,” she told the Australian travel site. “Before this job I had been taking photos for fun on Instagram and saved up all my money to travel for leisure.”

Pretty reassuring news for any travel newbies interesting in securing one of the four available spots.

In addition to a general application, anyone interested in being part of Busabout’s Travel Squad this summer will need to submit a 60 second video application. You can check out Melody and Baine’s video applications to see what got them the spots last year.

The selected applicants will be announced in May. So, best start practicing those vaycay selfies now!