Introducing Bustle's American Woman Book Club

2017 is a year for action. It’s more important than ever that American women try to understand each other in the face of such partisan division, and that we come together in the quest for social justice and equality. That means making calls. That means protesting. That means making your voice heard and lifting each other up. That means educating yourself about experiences outside your own.

And that's the purpose of Bustle's American Woman Book Club.

Reading has been proven to promote empathy, and Bustle believes that reading broadly is one small step in mending the divides of our nation. The books Bustle's American Woman Book Club will read will encompass a broad range of American experiences. We’ll read about Muslim-Americans, Latinos, African-Americans, LGBTQ+ individuals, undocumented immigrants, white working class women, and more. Because all of these people are American, and all of their stories are American stories.

Join Bustle on Goodreads for conversations and book discussions with readers across the country. Chime in with your thoughts about the books we're reading. Drop a note about a book that changed your perspective on the world. Leave us a recommendation for books we should read in future months. The purpose of the American Woman Book Club is to spark thoughtful, respectful discourse, so don't be afraid to introduce yourself to fellow readers.

Allison Gore/Bustle

In addition to our virtual meetings, the Bustle American Woman Book Club will come together at Strand Book Store in New York City each month to discuss the latest book. On January 27th at 6:30pm, author Gabby Rivera will join the book club for our inaugural meeting to discuss her book, our January selection, Juliet Takes A Breath.

Juliet Milagros Palante has just come out to her Puerto Rican family... and it didn't go over too well with her mom, who thinks it's just a "phase." But before Juliet has time to properly sort through her complicated family dynamics, she's on a plane bound for her summer internship with acclaimed feminist author Harlowe Brisbane. When she arrives in Portland, Juliet discovers that she has a lot to learn about feminism, about intersectionality, about love, about growing up, about herself. But she also has a lot to teach, as well. Over the course of one magical summer, Juliet learns that being a feminist is much more expansive than she ever imagined — and much more rewarding, too.

You can purchase Juliet Takes A Breath on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and wherever books are sold. Grab your copy now, and join us on Goodreads for discussions later this month.