Bustle's Most Wanted: R+Co SAIL Soft Wave Spray

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Even back when flat ironing your hair to oblivion was "the thing," I wanted nothing more than to have curls. My deep desire to get a little texture into my strands lead to experimentation with many wave-making techniques (sleeping on wet braids and scrunching in a half tube of gel were two of my faves) that mostly led to 15 minutes of a slight bend, followed by limp, gelled-up hair for the rest of the day.

R+Co SAIL Soft Wave Spray, $29, Barneys

My hair texture has changed since those darkest days (I guess the "every seven years" thing is legit), but it's still not a huge fan of product. Your average "volume building" spray gives me that same greasy look I was sporting at middle school dances, while anything advertised as "lightweight" doesn't seem to do much of anything for these strands. But in March 2017, one of my favorite haircare brands, R+Co, launched a salt spray that's changed everything for me and my waves.

The brand's Rockaway Spray is already a cult favorite in the land of everyday texture, but their new Sail Spray ranks even higher in my book. It's made with natural ingredients like sea kelp and rose hip that makes hair (mine at least) feel super soft, even as it adds hold to keep those beachy waves all day.

I like to use the Sail Spray on second day hair after I hit my strands with some dry shampoo and a curling wand, but you can also spritz it on towel-dried hair to help define your waves while they air dry. Either way, you won't end up with a big crunchy mess.

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R+Co SAIL Soft Wave Spray, $29, Barneys

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