Bustle's Most Wanted UK: 20 Sustainable Fashion Pieces That Are Chic AND Good For The Environment

For a story that’s about shopping, I’m going to start off by saying the unthinkable: If you want to shop more sustainably, you should buy less, and even consider buying secondhand. Deep down, we all know this, right? But rooting around a charity shop or vintage emporium isn’t for everyone (and by everyone, I mean me: the time, the mess, the having to get on your hands and knees and scrabble around while someone snaps impatiently at your heels… hard pass). In that case, sites like Vestiaire Collective, HEWI London (it stands for Hardly Ever Worn It), and even eBay can be great for finding well-made, pre-loved items at a more affordable price point that are more guilt-free than their fast fashion counterparts.

But what if you want something truly new — something with that box fresh crispness? In that case, you need to shop from brands that have a genuine commitment to sustainable values, and only buy things that you really love. To help you do that, the team at Bustle UK curated our list of 20 unmissable stylish and sustainable picks for the autumn-winter season. From swimsuits made out of recycled rubbish to brands that allow you to see inside the factories that make their clothes, keep reading to find if there's something you love in the list below.

"I think we all know by now that a solid tote is pretty much essential for any self-respecting shopper. You've got your canvas totes, your nylon totes, your heavy-duty polypropylene toes; in 2019, there's a tote for every occasion. My go-to 'looking-a-bit-fancy-but-still-hauling-my-life-around' tote is the medium Opening Ceremony number; it's durable, stylish, and has a zip to make sure your bits and pieces don't fall out when you swing it casually over your shoulder. 10/10 for functionality, 10/10 for taking my outfit to the next level." — Charlie Mock, Social Editor, Bustle UK

"BATOKO make gorgeous, fun, summery swimwear pieces out of recycled rubbish for beach goers. I always love swimming in the sea but feel so sad whenever I see a piece of plastic floating by. That's why I love the idea of wearing something that can help make a difference — however small that may be." — Rowena Henley, Associate Editor, Bustle UK

"I'm a sucker for flatform sandals. Standing at a decidedly average 5'3", I appreciate the extra few inches when I'm cracking my midi dresses out for summer. These Marisa sandals from Toms are not only the *perfect* level of flatform, but they're also outrageously comfy. And the best part, a purchase from Toms helps provide shoes, sight, water, and safer birth services to people who need it." — Charlie Mock, Social Editor, Bustle UK

"Monki is leaning into sustainable shopping big time. By autumn this year, 100% of cotton used in Monki clothes will be sustainably sourced, marking a huge step towards their goal of only using recycled or other sustainably sourced materials by 2030. They also let you recycle clothes IN their stores! Yes, IN THEM. And they don't have to be Monki brand clothes, either. They will take anything. I won't be taking this cropped denim jacket in for recycling any time soon, though. It's the perfect boxy fit and pairs well with pretty much any other colour of denim. We stan." — Charlie Mock, Social Editor, Bustle UK

"Stella started doing sustainable long before it took off elsewhere. I'm not much of a trainers girl unless I'm working out (which is, um, not that often either), but the three lines of stars and burgundy stripe on the heel would force me to change my ways. I promise." — Charlotte Owen, Executive Editor, Bustle UK

"I've never met a Breton stripe I didn't like. People Tree are part of the OG sustainable crew, and this T-shirt is made with 100% organic, fair trade certified cotton." — Charlotte Owen, Executive Editor, Bustle UK

"To me, sustainability means small. Small transparent production chains and small ethical workshops. These chic AF specs come from British designed Cubitts. They source high quality acetate from Italy and produce the majority of their wares in a workshop of 12 dedicated employees in China. You won't replace them for years and years." — Sarah Lakos, Senior Manager, Branded Content, Bustle UK

"According to CNN Business, these might just be the world's most sustainable trainer. Vejas are made with the ecological and sociological in-mind: using recycled bottles and fair trade rubber and cotton in the making of their now iconic shoes. Plus, they look delightful with midi dresses." — Sarah Lakos, Senior Manager, Branded Content, Bustle UK

"Handmade in Nicaragua, these incredibly lightweight sandals are made from recycled rope. Any leftover material is then turned into rugs, handbags, you name it. They come in a bunch of colours and styles and are super comfy thanks to an adjustable back strap." — Lauren Sharkey, Writer, Bustle UK

"I own four leopard print pairs of shoes, and I think I'm ready to take it to the next level with a leopard print skirt. Reformation is known for its sustainable practices, which include a quarterly report on their activity, and reinvesting to offset any materials they've used." — Charlotte Owen, Executive Editor, Bustle UK

"Who doesn’t love a white T-shirt? I’m not proud to admit that I have a lot of them… A lot. Weekday’s T-shirts are the perfect white tee: versatile and comfy, it can be dressed up or dressed down. Weekday’s organic cotton is grown without chemicals or pesticides, which is better for the environment and requires 62% less energy to produce." — Inês Mendonça, Social Media Assistant, Bustle UK

"Growing up in Brighton, I visited the massive Beyond Retro warehouse in the Laines every weekend. Vintage is the perfect way to shop sustainably on a budget; you can walk out of Beyond Retro with four or five items under your arm and have only spent £20. I love the colour and cut of this gorgeous denim jacket, which I would pair with a floaty vintage dress." — Rowena Henley, Associate Editor, Bustle UK

"If you thought Matt & Nat was named after the brand's co-founders, I have news for you. It's actually an abbreviation of "mat(t)erial and nature," and their designs are made without using leather or any animal products. This pebble shade has the perfect hint of millennial pink, and the lining is 100% recycled nylon." — Charlotte Owen, Executive Editor, Bustle UK

"Is there anything like a good pair of dungarees? They’re endlessly comfortable and an entire outfit in one — so no, not really. And you could hardly pick a more sustainable shop than Monkee Genes from which to buy them. The denim label works hard to ensure their clothes are created by employees who are 'happy and safe' and their Indonesian factory is GOTS certified." — Aimée Grant Cumberbatch, Contributing Editor, Bustle UK

"Neon Moon is all about ending body shaming in the lingerie industry; their underwear is for everyone, regardless of race, size, or sexual orientation, and it’s affordable. They also only use sustainably sourced fabrics of the very best quality." — Niellah Arboine, Writer

"The fashion pack took a liking to these eco-bags last season, but let the record show I've been a fan for years, and this red guy is next on my list. Should also mention this bag makes your weekly fruit and veg haul look casually fashun." — Sarah Lakos, Senior Manager, Branded Content, Bustle UK

"Lara Intimates are a zero-waste operation. Deadstock fabric is a massive problem in the fashion industry, with tonnes of used textiles ending up in landfills every year. Lara Intimates uses that fabric to make their amazing, ridiculously comfortable bras. They are also one of the most size inclusive brands out there, custom making their bras to customer needs without breaking the bank." — Inês Mendonça, Social Media Assistant, Bustle UK

"TALA is the brand of YouTube superstar Grace Beverly. Not only are her products super cute and stray away from boring gym attire, TALA’s garments are made with 92% recycled raw materials. She even removed plastic from labels and packaging, making sure every bit of her products are as sustainable as possible." — Inês Mendonça, Social Media Assistant, Bustle UK

"Everlane has a function whereby you can see the factory where each item is made, and feel secure in that its ethical credentials are bang on point. This particular Mac was manufactured in a small factory two hours outside Shanghai. The more you know." — Charlotte Owen, Executive Editor, Bustle UK

"Anything featured on Rêve en Vert has bona fide sustainable credentials. This Babe Universe T-shirt meets Global Organic Textile Standards, and comes straight out of a wind powered factory in North India. Plus — they're just pretty damn cool to look at." — Charlotte Owen, Executive Editor, Bustle UK